Em-8er Update August 2022


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Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
Another superb straight to the point Em8er update that helps to see the bigger picture.

With the part with trolls/griefing I think those who do this continue to do that because:

- Helps to build their presence and use social media to bring this as a form of entertainment.
- Knowing they can get away with what ever is done with the lack of consequences to prevent them.

Preventing the issues:
- Easily understandable etiquette and rules to promote good player community.
- As a game to purchase once would reduce many of the alt accounts / bots.
- In game dev Reaper spec-ops drop down fully stealthed :D or as a random object in the environment during various time zones to see what is going on, and even catch them in the act then swiftly clear the problem and vanish mysteriously!

Another thought on homes is homes of the virtual kind and i don't mean constructing with resources something on the lines of tron

Where your home is within the Mek A.I already established, with ways to upgrade changes to how you want it to look as you progress. Since its in your Mek A.I, it would be your personal space but can invite others through a transference of Mek A.I link up with others.

Although time to time there could be challenges such as it could get corrupted or targeted by virues and other hacks from sneaky pirates or even specialized tsihu.

Going into the virtual cyberspace home is mostly safe in bases or where your Mek is not exposed to threats.

Could also see it as a way to speak in person to your Mek A.I revealing its form when something confidential needs to be said.