Em-8er Movement demo is LIVE!

Mar 11, 2017
I loved the demo and am glad that the game has managed to move this far along.

As many others have said the suit feels slightly slow and unresponsive, mainly because for me anyway I was always used to playing firecat frame and other light fast combat frames in ff. The reaction time to try and dodge in opposite directions mid flight or ability to change direction in air is very slow and seems like a heavy frame at the moment. Also there is a much higher vertical than ff had because the current refuel is so fast on the frame that even flying to max you regen enough during peek and a little bit of fall time to boost an extra couple of feet, which isn't so bad but is different.

The running is fluid and nice but the directional still seem to be a little slow, but I do expect improvements will be made on some of these features more as combat is simulated and added and precision and fluid movements become more necessary.

Overall though amazing job guys and keep up the great work! Enthusiastically waiting to see more.

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Jul 28, 2016
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OMG!!!! So amazing. I played about 30 minutes and hit the POIs. All i need now is a blaster. I love that there is enough boost and refresh to hover for what feels like forever. Even with reaching maximum altitude there is enough refresh to make a softish landing. Gliding is smooth and effortless. Running and jumping is well animated. Landing unaided, without JJs, should be more problematic. By that I mean that the unit should take a knee, down on three or four based on height of fall to compensate for the inertia generated by such a free-fall (based on the availability of the thrust/boost with its high refresh rate there is no reason to free-fall to the surface). Think Assault class Meteor Strike? Landing in three point position and penalty without the benefit of damaging adjacent enemies. I would also like an artificial horizon or a better glide slope indicator than arrows indicating that I am too shallow. I DO like the look of the HUD in glide mode, maybe just color the three small horizontal lines on the lateral edges, RED, Yellow, green. Also, more acceleration for steep downward angles.
I do not want anyone to think thier efforts are not appreciated. OH MY GOODNESS, IT is AMAZING!!!!!!!
But In the end we all want the best possible game play experience. Thank you so Much.


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Jul 26, 2016
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Mar 13, 2017

It's here! It's out! It's even in your hands if you're a backer! Yes my friends, I'm talking about the Em-8er Movement Demo!

This represents the very first, super early example of gameplay for this project. If you are a backer of the appropriate level, you can log into My.em-8er.com right now and download it! Also, hop over to Grummz' twitch channel and watch the video the live reveal! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/445024025

In moments like this, we at Crixa labs can't help but feel supremely grateful for the support we have received over these many months. Thank you for standing by us! Please share your thoughts with us below, your feedback matters to us!

Now get yourselves in an Omniframe and take to the sky!
Ok, I've finally gotten around to playing with the Movement Demo.. and, I have to say... I think we need more HEIGHT on the flight mechanics. I'm keeping in mind the relative size of a Cat 1 kaiju, vs the most likely notably larger size of a Cat 2, and even a Cat 3... and I really think that we need to be able to go higher then is available per the Movement Demo.


Jul 27, 2016
Ok, I've finally gotten around to playing with the Movement Demo.. and, I have to say... I think we need more HEIGHT on the flight mechanics. I'm keeping in mind the relative size of a Cat 1 kaiju, vs the most likely notably larger size of a Cat 2, and even a Cat 3... and I really think that we need to be able to go higher then is available per the Movement Demo.
I think we can safely assume that this height will be what the lowest tech level can reach.
Jan 7, 2018
Hi All!

First things first, I would like to appreciate the team's work and the game they develope with love!

Secondly, I would like to reflect on the concerns of the momentum of the mech:
I read the comments, so it is just my personal opinion, but I think it is pretty okay for a medium OF.
Because it IS heavy.

A medium OF can have the netto weight of 3.5 tons, without the reactor, the extra shielding and the weapon systems.

For reference:
Kuratas: ~4.5 tons. (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kuratas)
Mk. II ~6 tons and Mk III ~10 tons respectively. (https://www.digitaltrends.com/cool-tech/megabots-mk3-launches-kickstarter/?amp)
Method-2 ~1.5 tons. (https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/20...tyle-robot-takes-first-steps-south-korea/amp/)

So 3.5 tons seem not to be outstanding, but for example, it is the max weight of an LCV, and if you watch an LCV accident, you might have some clue, how hard to accelerate, control and stop a mass like that. (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Light_commercial_vehicle)

So, my point is, even if the movement mechanics would stay this way, it would be fine.

(3.5... Not great, not terrible...)
What do you think?

Cheers: DoktOrk :-D

PS: This is pure theory, I know, but actually, there is one more thing, with that we can loose weight: the head of the OF. I woluld really like to have a headless design at some point of the development as cosmetics. (Well, not purely cosmetics, as the head hitbox would be completely removed...)
Where is the thread actually in that I could post this headless OF idea?
Oct 26, 2016
Here's my chunk of feedback. Keep in mind that I played Bethesda's mountain goat simulator (called Skyrim) for about three hours last night.

  • The menu section for Custom Quality Settings is very small vertically—just enough for two options to show at once. (1600x900 display on both fullscreen and windowed options)
  • Pressing "CTRL" will slightly change the camera perspective. I don't know if that's intended.

  • Feels good on flat ground.
  • I wouldn't mind if the mech moved slightly slower horizontally on uphill slopes and at the same speed horizontally on flat and downhill slopes.
  • The camera and mech move separately when crouching. I'd like them to move together.
  • Mech comes to a complete stop when trying to climb terrain it can't actually climb instead of deflecting to follow the mesh of the world on a path it is able to walk. It's jarring to to walk next to a wall of rock, expecting to continue moving, and have a small bump at the base of the slope stop all movement.

Jumping & Jump jetting:
  • Hooray! It's back!
  • Big fuel reserve compared to what I remember of Firefall.
  • Jumping feels like the mech is only lifting its feet off the ground. Higher jump please!
  • I would like to see the jump jets have a slightly stronger force when falling. Sometimes I misjudged when to jump off of a ledge and the mech would hover forward for a couple seconds on jump jets before rising.
  • The feel of the mech contradicts itself. The speed of mouse movements makes the mech feel like paper, but the momentum makes it feel like a ball of lead.
  • An indicator on the UI showing maximum jump jet charge would be much appreciated.
  • Why does it have so much fuel? Are we going to be up that high when fighting the Tsi-hu and Kaiju? It feels out of place to be that far from the ground if all the enemies we're fighting are on the ground.
  • There were rare instances where I couldn't jump or jump jet immediately after landing, immediately after walking off of a ledge, or while sprinting. This might be an animation lockout, but I'm not sure.

  • Gliding around is fun.
  • Yaw turning feels good.
  • Looking forward to skim mode as well.
  • I noticed that if I jump and hold space, passing just over the launch pad, I can rise to max jetpack height (use up all the fuel) and then release and tap space to activate the glider wings.
  • Is there a maximum speed for the gliders? It felt kind of slow, even while diving toward the ground. Moving the camera away based on speed and shaking the camera a bit might help.
  • Changing the pitch of the glide feels too fast. Maybe restrict the maximum y-axis mouse speed while gliding to give the mech a "heavier" feel? Right now, it feels way too easy to pull the mech out of a dive.
  • I couldn't tell where I could and couldn't place the jump pad. It was red almost all the time, yet I was still able to place it in some spots and not in others.
  • Looking forward to thermals. The gliding distance feels too small for a mech with a jetpack attached. (Didn't match my expectations.)

My main job right now is a sound technician, so this is fairly important to me. I often rely on my ears for information more than my eyes.
  • I like the sound of the jump jets.
  • I like that the pitch of the servos changes with the speed of movement.
  • Glider stalling sound is good. I immediately understood what was happening when I heard it.
  • I want the jetpack sound to turn off whenever I release the spacebar.
  • Please make the servo sounds fade out at the end of each step. The sudden cut to silence is a bit jarring.
  • The pitch of the servos sounds good for a light mech (footsteps are fine), but I'd like both more bass in the footsteps and a lower servo pitch on the the heavier mech.
  • Don't be afraid of adding a little white noise and a tiny amount of reverb to any of the impact sound effects. They'll sound more powerful and realistic without affecting the damage numbers in any way.
  • If I describe the jump pad sound effect as "Bwoom----waa--wee--whee", then the sound effect is telling me that "Bwoom" is the launching sound effect and "waa--wee--whee" is the recharge sound effect... for the mech? It's a bit confusing why the creaking metal-like sound effect is there on the end. The launching ("Bwoom") sound effect is cool and I think it would benefit from a bit more punch. (Maybe +2 dB in the bass range, +5 dB in the treble/4kHz range, and a little hiss of white noise for a fraction of a second at the instant of the launch.)
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Jun 1, 2019
An idea to ease on the jetpack awkwardness: Would it be possible for the character to sprint, roll and then jump for thrust into jetpack mode? I feel a bit like a zombie otherwise when using the jetpack.
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