Em-8ER, a year in review


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Jul 26, 2016
2019 is shaping up to be a momentous year for Em-8ER The Game. This now is when we start reaping the rewards for our efforts and patience of the last two years.

The first of this year’s deliverables shall be the Terrain Demo, slated for release sometime this month. This shall be followed by the Movement Demo and the Combat Demo. And then comes the big one: the Playable Mockup where we shall get our first taste of actual gameplay. This shall then lead into the Official Kickstarter where we present the game to the gaming community at large.

It’s been a long journey and we have longer yet to go before we have a game in our hands.

On that note, I’d like to thank @Grummz and his team, for bringing this game to life, and giving the community here another shot at enjoying the game they loved, and lost.

RIP Firefall, you shall forever be missed.

Special mentions and thanks to:

  • @Xeevis , for his continued work on the Ember-bot. It has become quite an integral part of our experience on the discord server.
  • @Faeryl and @Terib.Shadow, for their active presence on the server and assistance to the community at every turn.

And a thank you, to you all in the community, the chatty ones, the lurkers, and everyone in between, who continue to support the game. You are the reason this game has evolved from a simple petition and poster, to what we have today.

Let’s now take a look at what transpired over the past year, some of the major events/highlights of 2018, in Em-8ER’s journey to a full-fledged game. Just putting into perspective all that we have achieved over the period of 1 year.

-Jan 10 2018

The community received the first set of updates for the year:

Updates on the:
  • New Omniframe model: Preparation of low poly meshes and cleanup of high poly between Joe, Mark and Tomasso
  • Human model: Work on the low poly and high poly models done, HumanIK system selected for rigging
  • Jetpacks: Work on the jetpack system initiated.
  • Music: Michael Bross started work on the music for the THMPR encounter
-Jan 18 2018

A meme is born!
Grummz posted this on the 18th:
Grummz: I have to go in 5 mins but will relog afterwards
Grummz: So be back in like 30-45 mins
Grummz: I don't have any gliding yet so I can't say, but we are going to experiment with burst dodge while in air. Might be a module you can slot
Grummz: Okay, I'll be back!
Grummz: 45mins
The next time he returned to chat was on Feb 23rd 2018 (A whole month and 5 days later)
And thus came to be ‘The Legend of 45 mins’.

-Jan 19 2018

Unofficial Em8er store re-launch goes live:

(This is no longer an accessible link since the store has gone on hiatus as of 31 Dec 2018.)

-Feb 26 2018

Video Update #1 for Em8er
Forum post: https://forums.em8er.com/threads/em-8er-video-update-1.1109/#post-32633
Video Link:

Mark Kern talks about progress on the game, the music, gameplay and plans for the future. The community also gets its first taste of the music planned for Em-8ER, composed by Michael Bross

First shots of the Omniframe head: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/198513725978705920/416625385942417410/PbQCtwLr.jpg

-Feb 27 2018

New Omniframe shots:

-Mar 5 2018

Video update #2 for Em8er
Forum post: https://forums.em8er.com/threads/em-8er-video-update-2.1116/#post-32880
Video link:

Previews of the High-poly of the omniframe parts, combat music, human male/female models and the Backer website.

-Mar 12 2018

Video update #3 for Em8er
Forum post: https://forums.em8er.com/threads/em-8er-video-update-3.1123/#post-33155
Video Link:

Mark Kern explains the concept of Massive Planetary Wargame for Em-8ER. Preview of the hair system and player weapon models. Low-poly assets completed for the omniframe. Announcement of new team member, Noel, who worked on the UI for Firefall.

-Mar 19 2018

Video update #4 for Em8er
Forum post: https://forums.em8er.com/threads/em-8er-video-update-4.1131/#post-33356
Video Link:

Preview shots of the omniframe detail bakes, female hair, server network protoype.

-Mar 26 2018

Video update #5 for Em8er
Forum post: https://forums.em8er.com/threads/em-8er-video-update-5.1134/#post-33550
Video Link:

First look at the completed omniframe model, pre-texturing and painting, HUD mock-ups, tsi-hu humanoid form, base concepts

-Mar 27 2018

Snapshots of concept art for buildings and bases in Em8er

-Apr 1 2018

Partnership with Nvidia announced:

-Apr 2 2018

Video update #6 for Em8er
Forum post: https://forums.em8er.com/threads/em-8er-video-update-6-overview.1140/#post-33783
Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFypNQMeda0

Overview of the concept of Em-8ER.

New concept Art:

-Apr 8 2018

New artwork by Tomasso

-Apr 9 2018

Forums reworked and updated

Grummz: Okay so the forums
Grummz: yes, this is because of Em-8ER Auth coming
Grummz: We didnt' want to write a Xenforo 1 plug-in and then have to port it later to Xen 2
Grummz: AND people could not create accounts on the forums because the captcha was too old
Grummz: So we had to pull the trigger and get it done this weekend
-Apr 16 2018

Video Update #7 for Em8er
Forum post: https://forums.em8er.com/threads/em-8er-video-update-7-choose-your-weapons.1168/#post-34342
Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtZuyCfd7c0

Forum updates, EmberIDs, THMPR sound effects, partnership with Razer, preview of Chroma geesuits, finishing up the Tsi-hu humanoid form, weapon feedback, plasma cannons, assault rifles and shoulder mounted missiles

-Apr 23 2018

Short update on progress: https://forums.em8er.com/threads/no-video-update-today-what-we-are-working-on.1174/#post-34686

-Apr 30 2018

Video update #8 for Em8er
Forum post: https://forums.em8er.com/threads/video-update-8-choose-the-thmpr-laugh.1183/#post-35013
Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id1yHvs2gJU

Tsi-hu humanoid form high-poly completed, Ricardo joins the team, developing prototype weapons, preview of weapons planned for the vertical slice, custom animations for the human male, THMPR laugh samples. New lore drop section: Gatestriders and their history

-May 22 2018

Video update #9 for Em8er
Forum post: https://forums.em8er.com/threads/vi...ks-gliding-and-glore-er-lore.1207/#post-35998
Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCwiTAVoHDc

Unreal and AMD developer relations program, preview of the Tsi-hu beast form, preliminary jetpack systems, TrueSky dynamic weather system, Wwise audio systems, SMGs, gliding, grappling hooks. New Lore Drop: Saldara Garrack.

-Jun 11 2018

Video Update #10 for Em8er
Forum post: https://forums.em8er.com/threads/vi...-omniframe-redux-tsi-hu-lore.1223/#post-36592
Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grSIWK3mqFg

Further tweaks to jetpack and gliding system, rebuild of the omniframe model sections. New Lore Drop: The Tsi-hu.

-Jun 25 2018

Em8er ID system goes live

-Jul 3 2018

Video update #11 for Em8er
Forum post: https://forums.em8er.com/threads/video-update-11-posted.1244/#post-37255
Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTn1FfAZIbM

New backer website and Em8erID, basic NPC behavior, further updates to gliding systems, jump pads, low-poly Tsi-hu humanoid model low-poly WIP, test setup for Discord communication integration. And a eulogy, to Brian Su, former Firefall dev.

-Jul 7 2018

Firefall credit program stats updated on the backer website:

-Jul 23 2018

M3 Milestone pack upgrade system goes live. Plus, new bikes! (And a whole lot of nostalgia)

-Aug 3 2018

Recording of Chief Chat conducted on Jul 30th.

-Aug 8 2018

Video update #12 for Em8er
Forum post: https://forums.em8er.com/threads/video-update-12-we-have-base-interiors-new-lore.1276/#post-38576
Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1QnaiCeoaI

Building interiors, new shaders for human characters, Tsi-hu humanoid form ready for texturing, motion capture and hand animation hybrid system for character animation, mocap suit from Perception Neuron, Ikinema animation system, upgrade system for M3 backers. New Lore Drop: More on the Gatestriders.

-Aug 18 2018

Recording of Chief Chat conducted on Aug 9th.

-Aug 24 2018

Recording of Chief Chat conducted on Aug 20th.

-Aug 31 2018

Newcomer Backer Packs launched:
Several community members, who came to know about Em8ER after the first 3 Milestones were completed, expressed the desire to back the game prior to the Kickstarter. The Newcomer Backer packs were set up for these members:

-Sep 17 2018

Recording of Chief Chat conducted on Sep 4th.

-Sep 18 2018

Motion Capture Suit delivered to the team.

-Sep 28 2018

First Motion Capture carried out.

-Oct 1 2018

Wallpaper downloads released via Backer wesbite:

-Oct 10 2018

Backer Perk download system goes live:

-Nov 3 2018

Character Art demo released to Backers.

The biggest event of 2018. It was great to see the efforts of the dev team on the character models, from the art to the modelling, rigging and animation, all come together to create this experience that was the Art demo. It was, at the same time, an end, and a beginning. A culmination of the efforts of several months and several individuals, and the start of the homestretch to the Playable Mockup and Kickstarter.


-Nov 20 2018

Recording of the Celebratory Art demo Chief Chat

Recording of Chief Chat conducted on Nov 5th.

-Nov 21 2018

Black Friday sales go live (25% off on all perks, M3 upgrades and Newcomer Backer Packs).
Gifting and Transfer system goes live on the Backer website.

-Dec 25 2018

A Christmas special


-May 5 2018
The discord community hits 4,000 members.

-Nov 7 2018
The discord community hits 5,000 members.

Y’know, back in the day, we used to celebrate every 100 new members. Kids these days barely cheer when we hit 1000 new members. Pah!

Terrible jokes aside, it’s truly wonderful to see how far we have come. What started as a community of just a handful (20 odd if I remember correctly), back in 2016, is now a thriving server of several thousand.

As of posting this, we are at 5,123 members on the server and growing. Also, we are at 16,000+ members signed up to the mailing list.


So, there you have it, those were some of the major events/highlights of 2018. It’s been a great ride and I look forward to the roads ahead, where we, as a community, continue to grow, and help build upon the foundations for this game.

Here’s to a successful 2019, for the community and Em-8ER.

Wish you all a prosperous year ahead.

Good luck.

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Dec 15, 2016

That was a great year to experience from the devs and the community as a whole. Em-8er’s gonna be like that phoenix where it’ll born again from Firefall’s ashes. But hey, ain’t no rule says you can’t rise again from failure.

There were (I believe 3) salty threads that tried to torpedo Grummz’s credibility but they all failed.

Though I mostly post stuff on the off topic a lot to pass the time. So far I haven’t offended anyone from my ‘get-a-brain-bleach’ disturbing and offensive humor...yet.

We also get to conceptualize what would our omniframes would look like in game as we had fun writing them.

Looking forward to see Em8er’s release date.
See y’all on the planet’s surface, Reapers.

Drakin5 | Drakinvess
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Jul 26, 2016
Montana, US
Holy schnike, Maven. I look back and clearly remember each update now that it is in front of me and seriously, what a busy year! Sweet job chronologically recording all that transpired this year.

One error in your post bro, you left out a "Maven gave out loads of free crap" in about five months there.

'Jokes aside' Never have I been more thrilled to see a game project coming together than Em-8er. Never have I craved a game to come out more than Em-8er. And never have I been a part of a community so in sync with views and dreams as Em-8er.

Not trying to add any pressure, Grummz, but look at the belief in that truly exists. Screw those The9 bastards. Numbers didn't lie in firefall and numbers aren't lying here. People know where your heart is for gaming and for wanting to create the unique.

*more jokes*

So some cliche statements, Grummz, to wrap it up.

Stand firm.
One step at a time.
DEEP STRIKE! (You da man Ronyn)

But my personal favorite for you, Grummz...

"Travelled together, east. Always....into the east."

Myself, I've been a believer in you, Kern, for a long time now.


Omni Ace
Omni Ace
Jul 26, 2016
Baal Secundus
Quite a year it has been, it's technically our third year into the project now, It has had lot of ups and a few downs, most importantly, still no news from Joesolo who mysteriously disappeared at the beginning of the year, i've unfortunately not been able to chat with him yet, mostly due to the different timezones and him rarely coming online on steam. Here's to hoping this year will yield some answers on that, be they good or bad.

This year is looking to be entertaining, and I'm thankfull for being mentioned here, I do try to answer questions anytime they are asked and make sure to at least attempt to keep peace around the place.

However i don't feel as if i've been very active this year, and i'd like to redirect the praise given to me towards worthier people, for instance, the entire community, giving your help to the project either by giving ideas, your goodwill, your financial support, speaking with each other to pass time or just overall making the time spent around here be enjoyable.

I would however like to give special thanks to a few people

@Grummz , for obvious reasons, especially for keeping on without Joesolo's help in his duties.

@Ronyn , for always keeping the server clean as quickly as he possibly can (he is a busy man after all!)

All of the dev team for their fantastic word, without any real compensation yet.

@Faeryl , For being much more active than me, continuously greeting newcomers (even if not particularly necessary, EM8ERbot doing it automatically) and answering questions with such accuracy that i'm actually starting to wonder what kind of library she has to store all of said answers.
As well as her positive, supportive and encouraging personality.

@Torgue_Joey For his explosive personality, always entertaining all he can, and most of all for being one of my dearest friends, who has certainly changed my life greatly.

@Degiance For also being a great friend, as well as a reliable ally (as long as no RNG is involved) who has helped me a lot in many ways. Especially with his original ideas and very special look on everything, as he'd say, "if i can word it that way".

And last but not least, all of those who have been fairly active, also falling into the category i mentioned earlier.

Victory will be ours Reapers, for the Gatestriders!


Omni Ace
Base Commander
Jul 26, 2016
Planet Earth, USA, East Coast
WOW! It really IS amazing to look back and see what's been accomplished over the last 12 months in 2018; and there were a LOT of accomplishments to be sure! I'm so very excited to see what 2019 brings to Em-8ER!

First I'd like to say a BIG thank you to @Maven ; for this thread and for ALL the write ups you've written for the Update Videos AND the Chief Chats! They are very helpful! Also thank you for having the forethought to grab up the big cache of M3 "One Dollar Club" packs so that even more community members can join in on the

Next I'd like to say thank you very much to @Grummz for keeping the updates coming, even when there isn't an update video or image to share! And I think we all love the Chief Chats as much as you do!

@Ronyn , thank you for being the Swift Deepstryke Nynja, who brings order to chaos in the Discord and on the Forums, and for being swift in answering questions whenever humanly possible!

I'd like to give a BIG SHOUT OUT and THANK YOU to the ENTIRE Em-8ER Dev Team for all their hard work and dedication to helping make Em-8ER happen! IT'S HAPPENING, IT'S REALLY HAPPENING!!

Thanks also go to @Xeevis ; you're really doing some AWESOMESAUCE stuff with Ember Bot! You've added some great features and have even more planned!

@Terib.Shadow , thank you for having my back when I forget things, for being active in the hours when I can't be to answer questions, and for attempting to keep the peace.

I immensely enjoy the time I spend in the Discord with our great community which we all have built; and I feel very lucky to be able to continue being a part of it.

Victory, we fight to win! Victory, will be ours again!

8 FOR EM-8ER :cool: :cool: :cool: