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    What's better than running into battle on foot? Flying into battle on an aircraft!

    What's better than flying into battle on an aircraft? Dropping into the battle from SPACE!

    With that general mindset and the idea that the gatestriders would likely be doing lots of regular transportation to and from orbit I designed the following. A dropship that is built with two modes. One for vertical entry and escape of the planets atmosphere. And a second one for more horizontal surface flight and for better visibility while moving cargo, sort of like a flying crane.

    On the bottom of this thing you can stick varying types of pods, in this video I show the omniframe pod, a small internal space for four frames and pilots to safely enter a planets atmosphere in before being deployed.
    Another one could carry a THMPR, and another one I liked the idea of is a modified frame pod that when the doors opens has turrets come out. Like four massive racks of missiles turrets. Just unloads on everything bellow it in a massive pile of explosions and fire before running dry and then rocketing back up into space. Also thought up a large cradle system of supports so you could have three of these things hooked above a droppable mining base that will slow it down on the final part of it's orbital drop before letting it go at the very end to fall and land on it's own legs.

    Oh well, the practicality of this design is a bit low, but it was in interesting idea I had and wanted to do something with the whole two modes lander/dropship that I styled after my heavy frame. Also liked the idea of the whole rotating cockpit so they are protected on atmospheric entry, but then have this giant see through floor to look at what's bellow them when they are on the surface.

    You'll also notice smaller things like the perdition turret, additional walking animations for sides and backwards, amiable gun, and the other odd bit. Noticed the frames left top engine plate was skinned to the top right ones bone, so redid that but until I reimport the entire set of animations and then the mesh with the new binding the newer walk animations will have it moving oddly like that.

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  2. Nunaden

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    lel, nice, could you compile the demo for mac so i can try it? xDDDD
    but i really want to play em8er right now D:
    welp, i got insurgency, i can bomb some players or caches there. *lol*
  3. Silv3r Shadow

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    Looks awesome!
    dont stop these great ideas!
  4. Terricon4

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    I.... honestly do not know, for multiple reasons.

    We'll also see, reality is a cruel cruel game where all sorts of unwanted things can happen.

    Some of the minigames in it are fun though.
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  5. Terricon4

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    Started work on the turret that will slide out of the altered omniframe pod under the dropship. It will be a hanging type with lots of rockets. Did some quickish particle effects for it and a new type of projectile for it, still need to finish several parts of the projectile but I got it to be visually testable and demoable, so it was enough to try and get the turret firing it.

    Made a video of me starting to build it, also kind of a demo of my turret blueprint that I've been building for those that are interested.

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  6. Terricon4

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    And update time! Did a bit of work on the turret since yeserday, improved the ammo mechanics in the blueprint and some of the methods of picking/dropping targets and avoiding obstacles (like the dropship pod), added a new snow thingy, ADDED A CROSS HAIR! Improved the rocket projectile so now it actually has collision and the explosion on the little part that wanders side to side a bit as it flies (the visual projectile), and did a few other things here and there.

    Either way, who likes seeing a dropship firing loads of missiles at stuff?
  7. Nunaden

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  8. Aphaz

    Aphaz Deepscanner

    awesome terricon4! i honestly thought that the omni was still "not done" in a sense of to be able to see it move...i'm honestly impressed seeing "the omni in action"!
    keep up the awesome work!
  9. Terricon4

    Terricon4 Well-Known Member Base Commander

    This is just my own fan work based off of the concepts they released awhile back, I don't work for them so... keep that in mind. We'll get to see what theirs will look like in awhile, not sure how much longer but hopefully not too long. I have another thread in the fan art forums area specifically for the omniframe. Another for buildings, another for THMPR and kaiju... I'm trying to not create too many new ones now and reuse the old ones when I can.
    Currently started modeling some weapons for the frame that I'll post in it's thread later one once I finish them. Will take a bit longer to give the frame animations for them though.

    Glad you enjoy it though!
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  10. Aphaz

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    well still, i ment what i said...i ment the dropship mainly but got stuck with mentioning the omni only...sry...exitement
  11. Terricon4

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    Pilots last words: "OH GOD WHAT THE HELL! F*CK! F*CK! OH Yes, that's it, come on! Come on girl you can do it you can- F*CK!"

    More time working in blueprint and doing some other things so not as much to really show, but I needed a breather so I made this.
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  12. Nunaden

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    lel, nice crash xD
  13. Terricon4

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    That should also be an attack for larger kaijus, since I had it get hit by a random ice crystal that was "thrown" at it. Let them pick up and throw giant ice crystals in the world like long range javelins, running around and then BAM! Massive ice spear stabs into the ground, insta kill for any player right in that area, also acts as dynamic collision for players to hop onto for a short while. Obviously not something that should be spammy but a fun idea no? And one that lets the big ground tough guys threaten air units or agile targets.

    Also this is kind of an attack I want in a game I'm trying to make. Main cannon from a massive mobile fortress that produces a massive explosion that will send massive chunks of earth flying and raining down (the player flies, so even this will give them some interesting obstacles to avoid). So this is sorta practice for the future, but that also means I can bring over what I learn and make on it to the Em-8ER side all the same, already done that with the turret BPs.
  14. Aphaz

    Aphaz Deepscanner

    awesomly dona m8

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