Doing my part


Kaiju Slayer
Happy Kaiju
Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
So here is abit about me i will try not to make it too long no promises :p

Have an enjoyment in spam and getting excited about things and obsessive of something like a bike/mech and anything that interest me lol

I have been in Marketing for a few years having the opportunity to work with various companies such as some toy stores, gym, car companies and game shops, cosplay convention.

Currently not at work having had an annoying foot injury but soon be better at the moment working my way to finishing some of my pt training because as a pt i also love my games and motivating folks too.

I'd love to organize an EM8ER cosplay event someday with the help of some cool larp organizers and such planning it out where most likely in London but with a new town regeneration program built here in my home town by September the opportunity for something new here could be really nice also.

Someday would like to start to do some streaming of the game with other like minded peeps to then be asking my usual daft questions vice versa and getting to know as i explore and have fun in the process.

My only stumbling block is i have never done it and have just recently made my little website towards my interest and to help support the game.

So if anyone would like to team up and help would be great i also want a Biker Squad just saying :oops::eek::cool::D