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    I have rewrote the entire widget for new platform, now is generated directly by bot (instead of using separate web server and JSON) and I've also sneaked in most of the backlog I had on it.
    • Fixed widget erroring out every 20 minutes
    • Fixed some avatars not being found
    • Fixed rare case of missing usernames (might still need some tweaking for exotic charset names)
    • Fixed emojis displaying in :emoji: format
    • Improved caching
    • Formerly if widget restarted chat log emptied, now bot repopulates widget from Discord history
    • Added support for message updates/deletions
    • Eased truncating to allow 3 lines of text and changed how it behaves (might need more tweaking if spacing is hard to read)
    • Added first iteration of autorefreshing, just hit play in upper left corner and widget will refresh every 5 seconds. (Once I have more time I'll try to move it to more eye-candy javascript without flickering and with animations).
      Widget now updates in realtime automatically.
    • Added hued usernames and tags
    • I've also took liberty of adding another small button in a corner that will display basic information about the widget, check it out ;)
    • Added querystring options to display different channels and number of messages (if you want to check on Em-8ER discord without running it).

    Or display last 50 messages from DevTracker:
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    Everyone single one of you on the team have fans in this community. All the work is appreciated. Most of us are chomping at the bits waiting for the next time to give our support.
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    Cool update!

    I couldn't word it any better.
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  4. Xeevis

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    Plugged in bit of a magic, widget now updates in realtime. Including counts, message adds/updates/deletes.

    Try adding message, edit it and then delete it to see all 3 effects.
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    Just putting this here....

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