Damage Types Effects!


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Sep 15, 2017
In Em8er we will have damage types like melee, kinetic, energy, splash…
But what if we could have effects for those damage types and elements?

1 E.g. In Dauntless if we use a certain damage type, after it reaches a certain goal, a special effect takes place.
We could have the same thing, like if we use fire damage to a certain point the enemy will be on fire for DoT damage, or if we use electrical damage the enemy could be stun… and the same could happen to our omniframes by enemy damage types and elements.

2 E.g. In Anthem we have damage type combos, where if we combine different types of damage could trigger other special effects.
Again, that could be interesting with different skills and players working together, if we combine fire damage and ice damage could create a debuff on enemy armour, or fire and acid to create an explosion for bonus damage… and again the enemy could do the same.

3 E.g. In Pokémon we could have field elements that could buff or debuff certain damage types and elements or give special effects to certain moves, and moves that could create or change field elements.
Since we will have different biomes in Em8er, we could have the same thing, if we are at a volcano biome with hot lava everywhere, fire damage could get boosted and ice damage debuffed, acid damage could cause explosions without the fire damage…
But players and enemies could have support abilities to change the field temporary, like an ice grenade that turns a certain area with ice, a napalm bomb that burns an area temporary…

What do you think?


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Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
Our pets could have a certain element damage if they are specific for combat for example if it was a fire type they could chain fire to smaller kaiju's at night this would interesting to see

Perhaps we have to find a mad Engineer/Scientist who specialises in the pets and we go to find newer things. Sometimes he could say i have a new prototype device try this and if you like i will give you the bp.
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Aug 3, 2016
Hi everyone,

As different effect maybe a venin or gaz making tromble of vision with deforme like magnifying glass and pitch or tromble your equilibre and walk like drunker , or make slower all mouvement with like a slim glue ;-)
and of course a type of tazer ;-) electric paraliser with a beautifull breakdance on the grownd ;-)