Creating identity of space

Jul 26, 2016
In a lot of recent games, there's a main story that I guess is the overarching action to action is mainly driven by the idea of speedrunning but allowed to also adopt an aspect to aspect in which time is abandoned for looking at space. This is not to be confused with a lot of games taking hours and hours to complete where the longer you play the temptation to purchase XP boosts or weapons to make life easier. This is more about being in that world, being able to live in that world.

The emphasis of being there than getting there.
What we perceive in the icelands of Em8er should also create beauty and a sense of awe as we see planets obscured by whips of high altitude clouds among the possible slaughter of attacking enemies. Em8er is no utopia but a hetrotopia is a mix of idea and abandoned, of which Em8eries live with abandoned buildings and places damaged over time showing once people where their, with lives forgotten.

Shutterstock: Lone black horse abandoned stone house winter mountains Kirkjufell Iceland

Em8eries carve out an existence to survive in this landscape, but to also live free. A few games have this time between, Planetside 2 with it's intense battles ending with troop movements to the next point, Warframe lacks this as each map area is in isolation from the outer areas of which are only expressed as background than actual city or places. No Mans Sky does this by having outposts that are scattered in an unknown inhuman pattern.

World building in a sense, creates a place.


Kaiju Slayer
Happy Kaiju
Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
I like some buildings that have their battle scare, pieces of it hanging off and the writing/graffiti/images that could tell a story. What i like more though is going inside it when the weather becomes so intense you feel a sense of safety and hear the Large noises of foot steps a large kaiju close by and hope it does not sense your heat signature!