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Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
Heyo. The game is still not out?
Hello there not yet and it is gradually getting worked on, you can even check those out on the test builds by taking advantage on a sale on the packs to access shown below.

Got this message on my email:

"Last Day of Labor Day Sale!

Sale Ends Tonight at midnight PDT!. Save up to 35% off all packs, upgrades, and skins during our Labor Day sale! Grab or upgrade a Newcomer Pack and get access to our developer builds, exclusive perks, and a copy of the final game!"

There is a $1 dollar sale for the monthly sub usually costing $7.95 even for a month that's a good saving to get an ingame skin shown below.


It doesn't have the latest build access though just the one before that.

There is a push for the kickstarter and a good thing to keep your eye on is

Simplifies the things that is getting done by the Dev's so we all know what is going on including a road map!