Christmas Poem 2020!


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Community Manager
Jul 26, 2016
It's Ronyn. I'm back with this Christmas tradition.
If you've got time take a moment to just listen.

Grummz and the devs have been working so hard.
Building demos, new features, new assets, and art.

The CT is here with you, like your friends in the yard.
To serve the fans and supporters, team em-8ers true stars.

The next thing that is coming, something new that the team did.
What the heck, Ill just tell you, the secret is -REDACTED-

2020's been rough, can't deny that it's true.
Be thankful it's over, looks like we pulled through.

We've had Corona, lost heroes, spent months home alone.
Switched from parties and gatherings, to zoom calls and the phone.

If we have learned anything from this forced isolation.
Its to value closeness, dear reader, and cherish connection.

Spread love to your family, your coworkers and friends.
Cause that love is a currency, that you can never over spend.

This next year is upon us, I hope you're ready for action.
New builds, new surprises, lots of em-8er satisfaction.

The kickstarter is looming on the next great Horizon
Check the forums for the chance to get your ideas in.

Every one of you matters, every one has a voice.
Cause of all the places you could go, you came here by choice.

This community's still growing, getting bigger every day.
We couldn't do this without I just want to say.

You bring each member on the team so much inspiration.
A big "Thank you! We love you!" to the whole em-8er nation.

On behalf of team Em-8er, from the mods to the greeters.
From the dev team, the forum tech team, and of course our dear Leader.
You are the reason, that our future's so bright.
So Merry Christmas to all. And to all.. a DEEPSTRYKE!