Chief Chat March 25 Video - Omniframe & Gameplay


Jul 26, 2016
1. I'm actually curious to see what a game without a trade market would look like, so I'm in no hurry to see one.

2. Will there be a Copa-like place to fall back to as a last resort?

3. I don't know if it's feasible, but it'd be cool if you could call on another Omniframe that you created and have it's AI act as a companion.

4. Good to know mods are being considered seriously.

5. 3 Years means until release or until a playable alpha?

6. I'd like to voice act, but I sound like an old lady. The best I can bring to the table is my charisma and good humor. Oh, and I've done a bit of creative writing. And a little poetry.

7. Is there a limit to fuel consumption when skimming, or can I skim freely?

that's it for now.


Ember Dev
Jul 25, 2016
1. Ya, not trade on launch day
2. Yes, there will be starting area that will always be under Gatestrider contgrol
3. Oooo, like Iron Man 42 ;)
4. Yep, thinking it through.
5. 3 years until release, hopefully sooner. Depends largely on funding.
6. Post in the Notice me Sempai, thread.
7. You can skim as long as you like, is the current plan. Zero shields and all abilities on cooldown when you stop.
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