Chief Chat "CLAIM STAKES 2" VOD - 8/05/2022 (Builds v1.3.1 and v1.3.2)


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Jul 27, 2016
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just let kaijus spawn in them places bruh. problem solved ;)
Would that mean a smaller home would be more targeted by a micro kaiju and a bigger home by a larger kaiju category?

Then how many of those would appear since the micro are more easier there could be a few of those as opposed to a larger single cat 1 - 2 etc
Feb 10, 2020
I think it is a temporary solution if no one has friends or not trusting of others to take care of their home while they are not there. So who better to ask than the Reaper council who could act as home alliance Reaper estate agents.

Since some players may not be interested in homes but would rather have the option to hop to someone's or have use of a public home/base and contribute to using this.
My main problem with B, and only B... Is giving someone something they didn't earn.
Maybe you could have them pay the resource cost to build the claim buildings that were there.
That would be acceptable to me, but not particularly ideal.

The prefabs are already going to be there for people not interested in the building portion.
At the end of the day they still have to pay for the prefabs though.

Would that mean a smaller home would be more targeted by a micro kaiju and a bigger home by a larger kaiju category?
That's quite possible.
You could scale on two factors pretty easily.

First being the tech level of the home itself.They mentioned that you might be able to expand your buildable area so it'd be safe to call that your tech level. The larger your tier, the stronger invasions you get.

The Second is the player participation on starting or during the invasion.

One way I could see this being handled...

You go into your claimstake and you see the screen on the machine blinking red with ALART!!! on it. When you interact with it, the machine says "The radar has detected TSI-HU SCOUTS advancing on your claim!" Then there's a button labelled YEEHAW to go and fend them off.

You can go gather some buddies first, and then go kick off the invasion after you get them all together

When you click YEEHAW, it kicks off a public event and maybe sends a banner message to everyone in the general area or a set distance away. "JIMBOB's TECH LEVEL 3 CLAIMSTAKE IS BEING INVADED."
Anyone interested in helping out can go and help.

Everything could work on tech already in the game right now. The thumping engine. Assuming it scales with players, it could literally just be treated as a thumping encounter with rewards being doled out at the end based on participation, the tier of the claimstake, and maybe the tier of the player receiving the reward. Except maybe you don't get ore rewards like when mining. You can get alien tech or some other currency that you can use for things.
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