Chief Chat "CLAIM STAKES 2" VOD - 8/05/2022 (Builds v1.3.1 and v1.3.2)


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Jul 26, 2016
Here is the VOD for the latest CC.

NEW build for backers to try out, you can get out of your frames and walk around as either the male or female pilots!

A new idea for how claimstakes can work is explained within
Simply put-What if if all required crafting machines are already findable in the world in player bases, so any player who wants to just get into the action quickly absolutely can.
In which case, claimstakes become fully options. Only use them if you want to, to build optional stuff in your own area. In this version Claimstakes would be part of a subscription model.

Let us know your thoughts below!


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Oct 17, 2019
I never knew this was a possibility until the last chief chat but I really want claimstakes!! I love the claimstakes idea and really want to see it as a part of the final game. I understand if they end up instanced or somehow not 100% of them being viewable constantly but the idea had so much heart and excitement behind it that I will be super disappointed to lose out on it now. The paid option only seems fair but may end up keeping me out of having one myself long term.


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Ark Liege
May 8, 2020
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I think Claimstakes are a good idea. Since the whole reason is to be transforming Em8er for human habitation. Though, I'm not sure how our placement will affect future episodes when those zones release.

As for mechanics, I think it would be nice, if you had to craft a Claimstake Core with mid-tier resources and then the upkeep be maintained by some item like a Claimstake Battery (which can be bought by actual money or by CE in an player stocked exchange market; similar to Runescape Bonds; which has to additional benefit of cutting down on CE seller bots).

UPDATE: Just a bug I found in the 1.3.2 build; when you're in first person, you can't activate Thumpers.

Also, I got a fatal error so I've attached a log.


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Oct 27, 2020
As someone who rated the claimstaking feature a 9/10 when it was initially proposed in Discord, and someone who does not have money to throw around, I strongly oppose the idea of exclusively tying claimstakes to real money subscriptions.

One aspect of the vision for Em-8er that is very important and dear to me is Grummz' intention to make just about everything earnable in-game - that means skins, better versions of those skins, mounts and so on. Tying housing to a monthly fee without a reasonably affordable in-game rental as an alternative would, frankly, disgust me.

However, I don't mind the notion that there would be rent of in-game resources to pay, which could be circumvented with the real money subscription. The rent must be easily affordable even for semi-active players to get my personal approval, though. Don't turn people who don't have excess money into grind-slaves just so they can enjoy the features of the game they already bought in the first place. It should be a token rent that would, sooner or later, clear long-since-abandoned plots from the map when inactive players' resources run out, but it should never make a player who hasn't dropped the game feel as if they *must* farm now just to keep what they have.

Also, if you add this "rent" of in-game resources, call it "maintenance" or "upkeep". We're supposed to *own* that plot of land, right? I'm not paying "rent" for my own land! Get off my lawn!
Apr 18, 2021
So hear me out, in the discord chat I said this was the way to go, but after 20 minutes from the stream, my opinion is still the same!

  1. Claimstakes that are absolutly NOT a key part to progression but better yet are used as a convenience subscription feature with no P2W bonuses ( to be fair I wouldn't mind a bit of a boost in resource gain to some extent or the ability to teleport to your claimstake at will as an out of combat option, I mean it's a PVE game, you're not competing with anyone but the AI for territory), but instead as an optional feature, are exactly the iteration that hits the sweet spot for players that don't really want to be forced to build houses/personal bases to progress without having to run circles around the game loop to progress at a normal rate (you got one here), the resources to build your own "sandcastle" could be a specialized currency that you could incrementaly gain every day from staying subscribed while also on the side everytime you earn some of the main currency (was it crystite here too?).

    Now the building system feels a little underused for the game, so how about having Clans that claim territory from the Tsi-hu have the option to build customized HQs when constructing forward bases? All of this not requiring any subscription to do so as it can be used for gameplay advantages and as such should require resource investment from players making this the gameloop closure that was sought after.

  2. Now, regarding the movement options for Heavy Frames, I always Imagined that movement for the heavy frame should feel heavy (as the name implies) so, jump boosts and such should be like jumpjets in the Mechwarrior series (Link for context) so mostly a slow vertical boost, whilst for horizontal movement you could add shield-skating instead of crouch sliding as to consolidate the fact that this type of frame is not as agile as the other 2 but has still some mobility options to traverse the battlefield;
    for the other 2 Frame types I'd say, medium frames should stay as they are now so basically the air superiority option and as such, biggest fuel reserves and the highest maneuverability in the skies, light frames on the other hand should feel like the best option for traversing big flat areas so why not have the jump jets mostly work as either a speed boost for running or, hear me out add a grapling hook for traversal and have the jets be short boosts in the direction you're currently moving so as to slingshot your way through the plains?
Anyhow great Chief Chat and see you on the next one!
Feb 28, 2019
In my opinion... Claimstakes should be something to look into after the game is somewhat done, but not sure how it should be monetized. But if there are going to be claimstakes and stuff, clans/guilds should defenetly get some sort of claimstakes where members or supporters can give in resources so it can expand and be somewhat a local defence for a area. Personal claimstakes could be something that you can do optionally if you want one, not sure how to implement it. Haveing subscription based personal space can probably help with server upkeeps and stuff but makes one party mad. Haveing it be with ingame resources makes it seem kinda meh for some other people. Tho if it is subscription based... as a backer, it would be nice for all the backers of some level have their claimstakes without subscription or ''rent'' tho it seems greedy. but guilds should defenetly have something to work on as a group.

I don't know, i don't see it as a nessesity, but a cool thing to have. But if the plan is to have them right away, it should still be locked behind some world tier level, something to work towards and so its not forced upon everyone that just arrived.

But thats just my opinion. Make it as you see fit... Either way some people are going to be mad and some are going to be hyped. In any case, i see it as additional content that shouldn't be forced.


Omni Ace
Omni Ace
Jul 26, 2016
Non cosmetical subscriptions for advantages in-game I am always against. It becomes a slippery slope in becoming p2w. Maybe cosmetical pets instead and loot for you as a subscription like Lost Ark.
Not a fan of pay-walls
Mark said this was cosmetic only and explained it's not P2W in the chief chat. There is no P2W component with this idea since there's nothing you can do in your claimstake that isn't publicly available elsewhere. You can base build and have your personal crafting stations, but those crafting stations are available in the open world and provide the same functionality. You can base build in the claimstake, which is just a cosmetic feature.

I like the "rent" idea. It provides an alternative to paying real $. Just call it a "tax" for the Gatestriders to provide military protection for you at your claimstake, or for craft waste removal, whatever.

This new version gets a thumbs up from me. With expectation that it comes after Kickstarter and after core elements of the gameplay loop are done.


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Oct 17, 2019
Non cosmetical subscriptions for advantages in-game I am always against. It becomes a slippery slope in becoming p2w. Maybe cosmetical pets instead and loot for you as a subscription like Lost Ark.
Not a fan of pay-walls
Makes complete sense. I understand how it made sense to include it in the sub model if the only concerns were the world being full of dead or objectionable looking settlements but that solution creates new potential issues as well.


Kaiju Slayer
Kaiju Slayer
Jan 22, 2017
I'm going to throw in my own spicy opinion, call me crazy!

I think it would be cooler if instead of claiming land on the planet of Ember, it would be more fitting if we had personalized apartments on H.O.M.E. (The giant orbital space station that hovers above Ember, where we may start.)

H.O.M.E is supposed to be the out-of-frame social hub of the game, give us an apartment there and leave the planet for the other cool stuff.

There could be several zones on H.O.M.E to pick apartments from, purchased with in-game currency. We could decorate those apartments and invite friends over to chill out!
Feb 10, 2020
However, I don't mind the notion that there would be rent of in-game resources to pay, which could be circumvented with the real money subscription.
I think it was too early to mention these systems, as there's a lot of ether out there but not enough meat to bite into. I have too many questions about the planned implementation of the systems, and I hazard that there aren't answers to those questions at the moment.

I largely agree with your stance, though I would have enjoyed the claimstakes as an actual Core (Defined as required) part of the game. Heck, I could easily see it being Core. i realize some people are shooty only, so I don't actually mind Claimstakes being regulated to optional to build.

The type of player I am, though.. Is functional. I will engage with a system as long as it feels rewarding. because even if a little, it signals you value a player's time. If its just going to be a resource sink with value only to vanity, I don't see myself engaging with this often unless the cost is negligible; which is sad because I love building things; though in the beginning they end up utilitarian more than anything.

Being able to have crafting machines just to yourself or friends without having to find the machine between 80 dudes crowded around one crafting bench that is able to do 80 individual jobs simultaneously is a plus... But I don't think that's enough if it costs you resources for both rent and the cost of building that baller-ass house to begin with.

Charging people rent for just vanity, which I will include personal benches in, doesn't strike me as rewarding.. Especially since it will eat resources that would otherwise go to making better weapons for the player. Unless the bases can actually produce resources as well; such as through being able to take orders for weapons/gear from shooty-players or through a trickle using autominers or through the claimstake invasions that were mentioned. I don't know.. Something that feels pithy should be included. I am spending time away from actual hunting and murdering; actively engaging in the claimstake systems should have a benefit parallel or equivalent to thumping.
Note, I'm not talking about you spending resources to place walls. I'm talking about activities within the claimstake: Crafting, taking personal work orders, public work orders, crafting dailies, etc.

Because.. What happens to your rent when you expand your claim area? That was mentioned as going to be possible. Will your rent include more and rarer resources or be same and continue to eat the resources you need for tech-appropriate gear? Will the invasions be harder at tier 4 base size than at tier 1? Will the rewards be better, or the same?

Now I'm almost afraid this system is just going to be vestigial, if not parasitic.
Sure, it looks pretty but.. What's it do?


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Oct 17, 2019
Could claim stakes begin as instances that are optional to use? I feel like there’s a version of this where claims simply leave the main instance for inactive accounts or objectionable looking settlements and players have the option to claim any area in the world or save the build from the instance they’re currently in and relocate to prime real estate or new regions occasionally. That way the fancy massive guild instance shows up in the main world but a new player/guild can stake out that same location in their own instance and possibly take it over if the prime instance gets abandoned.
Oct 16, 2019
So, here goes for some feedback:

When claimstakes were initially presented, they gave off the impression that they were going to be an extremely vital, mandatory piece of content, which brought forward a couple problems. The biggest problem appeared to be (at least in my opinion) that they were going to be such an important thing that you were required to do *at the very beginning of the game* that they would drastically increase the amount of time it would take before a player could "get into the action," which was the reason many of the former Firefall vets bought into the game. They also made it sound like the game was becoming much more of a survival/crafting game, rather than what the original vision was supposed to be.

The subsequent forum feedback thread and Chief Chat cleared up most of the issues people seemed to have had. At that point, since Grummz had stated that the game wasn't becoming some sort of survival game, the biggest points of discussion seemed to be exactly how important of a feature claimstakes were going to be, and whether or not that importance would draw away from the community-focused bases. People didn't seem to be strictly against claimstakes as a whole, but rather, at what point in the game they would come into play, and how important they would be.

That is the place that I myself was at. I enjoy base building in games, and I never had a problem with the claimstakes themselves (other than some minor issues that Grummz resolved during the CC). However, I didn't feel that they were a feature that should be introduced as the very first thing a player should experience in the game; I would rather they have been something that would come into play after the introduction of the other, more important main aspects of the game: thumping and kaijus. I felt that introducing claimstakes *too early* would have more negatives than positives, but I wasn't against them being in the game.

Now, it seems like Grummz has decided to make them not only completely optional, but also that they should now be a feature locked behind a paywall.

Being completely optional is... okay. Not my preference, but not everyone enjoys housing, so that would remove a point of friction from the players that don't enjoy that aspect of the game. It would also make it so that people who *do* enjoy housing have something they can do in their spare time.

Making it fully optional also removes any pain points the game might have by having a sub-par building system - as much as I *want* the system to be good, this is a feature that some games are built entirely around, and yet still get wrong or implement badly. One of my biggest worries of this feature was in adding a system to the game that would almost be like adding in an entire other game to Em8er. If claimstakes are completely optional, this makes it less important to have this system be "perfect" - players would be more forgiving of the system, as long as it was at least functional. Conversely, if the system is a mandatory one, and it is only at a "functional" level, it can be massively detracting to the game as a whole.

I personally would rather have claimstakes back at a optional-but-important feature of the game. If you want to interact with them, they could provide some solo/small-group content, such as the localized gathering/thumping/defense encounters that Grummz had in mind previously. They would also allow players to set up crafting stations in ways that are more preferable to them, and/or in more efficient designs - even if that only means the crafting area is closer together than in the community bases. Nothing that would give players any sort of major advantage in the game, but they would still provide some gameplay elements and be useful for those that wanted to interact with the system. Their "endgame" usefulness would be relatively low-to-medium, mostly as a place to hangout with friends, or do content that is relaxing/easier but still have some relevance.

If I had to give an example of what I had in mind, I would say it would be like playing ARK with a group of friends: You can have a main base that the group shares (the community bases), but at the same time, you could setup your own personal base in a different location (your claimstake). Both of these would nominally have access to the same crafting stations and storage and whatever else. However, your personal base could have a layout that *you* find better, compared to the group base. Your personal base could be located in a region that gives you better access to certain resources, but lesser access to others, so they balance out. Your personal base gives you an area where you can avoid other players if you want, but still give you content to do.

Now, I could be completely wrong, but from my understanding, the game was supposed to be funded long-term by skin sales, either directly purchased or through the monthly subscription. It was also my understanding that cosmetics were going to be the *only* thing that would be purchasable.

If claimstakes are going to become a completely cosmetic feature, with no gameplay aspects at all, then this might be okay. People will probably complain about it, but they will deal with it, and I'm sure it would get many more people to sub to the game, which means more money for the devs. I am somewhat worried, however, that this would be the start of a trend to put more and more things behind the subscription paywall.

So, a few suggestions:

1. If claimstakes end up being locked behind the subscription, then they should *only* be a cosmetic feature. They should give no benefit to the player - no crafting bonuses, no extra storage, etc. If there are specialized crafting stations at the community bases, I would also recommend those not be available at a claimstake. Basic crafting stations and access to universal storage would be fine. Using the crafting stations at a claimstake should also be limited on a per-character basis - i.e. a tier 1 player using a station at the claimstake of a tier-4 friend should still only have access to tier 1 crafts.

2. If the claimstakes end up being locked behind the subscription, have them also be unlockable using in-game resources. This would put the claimstakes on-par with the skins, since you can unlock those in-game. The resource cost should be substantial, but reasonable enough such that every player could have the possibility of obtaining access.

3. Regardless of whether the claimstakes are behind a paywall, have some sort of auto-demolition feature on them to free up real estate. While the world is supposed to be extremely large, there will inevitably be areas that are more sought after. Personally, I would suggest some sort of "rental" system, along with an actual "usage" period, kind of a modified version of what FF14 uses. For example: keeping a claimstake at a certain spot would require X currency to be paid as a "rental fee" every month to have the claimstake be recognized by the Gatestriders HQ. You would be allowed to pay for the current month as well as one month in advance. There would be a 1-week grace period warning once you go unpaid, after which the claimstake would be removed. Payment during the grace period would include that time in the next months' rental period (i.e. no paying on the last day of the grace period and getting a "free" week; you would then have only 3 weeks remaining till the next payment was due). This would give a reasonable amount of time for players to come back to the game and retain their claimstake (this is one of the biggest complaints of the FF14 housing, where it essentially requires you to keep your subscription active continuously to retain a house, and can be very unforgiving if something happens in real life). The "usage" period would be longer than the "rental" period, perhaps 3 months, where the owner would need to actually set foot in their claimstake in order to keep it. This makes it such that people who do not actively use their claimstake lose it - there is really no point in someone taking up a good spot if that spot is never actively used, regardless of whether the "rent" is paid or not. By having the "usage" period be longer than the maximum "rental" period, you can ensure that this aspect only triggers the demolition for an *active* player that is *not* using their claimstake - an inactive player should otherwise hit the "rental" period trigger first.

Overall, I would be somewhat sad to see claimstakes be made into a cosmetic-only feature, since some of the gameplay elements Grummz described regarding them did sound enjoyable. I would also like to see as few things stuck behind a paywall as possible. I fully support devs making money on their games, but so many games nowadays have monetization that makes them seem more like jobs than games - tons of daily/weekly/monthy quests, battle passes, monthly passes that have to be claimed daily, etc. - and I really hope Em8er doesn't go that route. The more things that are locked behind a subscription, the more it will seem like that.
Oct 27, 2020
I think it was too early to mention these systems, as there's a lot of ether out there but not enough meat to bite into. I have too many questions about the planned implementation of the systems, and I hazard that there aren't answers to those questions at the moment.

I largely agree with your stance, though I would have enjoyed the claimstakes as an actual Core (Defined as required) part of the game. Heck, I could easily see it being Core. i realize some people are shooty only, so I don't actually mind Claimstakes being regulated to optional to build.
I share your concerns. My priority, at present, is to provide the feedback that the idea of locking them behind a real money subscription sucks. Whether claimstakes are useful or useless, amazing or crap - that will only matter to me once real money is off the table, because I am not going to pay a cent to access it, especially not on a monthly basis.

As far as I am personally concerned, I also wish claimstakes were an integral part of the game, that your own home could be a useful and practical hub, rather than a purely cosmetic thing - but I am somewhat confident that Grummz wouldn't turn them into useless fluff.
Crafting certain things could still be done at other bases, but perhaps you could do it faster or cheaper at your own base, if you advanced it enough.
Maybe there's some sort of tax at community-owned bases that helps them to continue operating, which you don't have to pay at your own home, or perhaps community-owned bases can get overloaded with too many craft requests forming a queue, so you could get it done faster if you did it at your private residence.

Either way, a paywall is the best way to make me feel like a second-class citizen, and making me feel like a second-class citizen is the best way to kill my interest in a game. I really can't imagine Grummz would do that, though.

I think the initial backlash when he voiced the general idea was overblown, and that even most of the naysayers would come around, as long as the system was designed and presented in the right manner. I think people who truly can't abide doing something other than shooting stuff for 5 minutes are few and far between, and that the majority of people could enjoy having their own place in the game world. Don't force them to invest much into it, but reward those who do in a sensible fashion so it doesn't feel like nothing but a resource sink.
Feb 10, 2020
Either way, a paywall is the best way to make me feel like a second-class citizen
Yeah, I have the same feeling.

I forgot to mention that earlier. if they have to monetize the bases then please keep it cosmetic. Fold base cosmetics into the same system as everything else. You could unlock additional building pieces like you do the skins.

Maybe one month you can get a fancy tsi-hu looking building set (walls, floors, ceilings/roofs) in the subscription and have a time period every now and then where you can earn them in game like everything else skin-wise. Treat the personal base like everything else monetized.


Oct 18, 2018
i wasnt exactly against claimstakes last time i interacted on the subject but agreed that it was diverting the game from being a firefall successor

and while i also agreed that claimstakes should be secondary thing, putting a paywall on top can be too much
as a creative type myself i wouldnt mind doing building once in a while, just not as a core aspect of the game is all
and im definitely not gonna spend money on a subscription for something i'll use once every month

and while i know im far from being everybody, meaning that yeah, its a spending decision, not everyone is supposed to share the same interests, i also think it could make it awkward to some extent ? i mean the "im paying for a game, not 3/4 of it" kinda thing, even if purely cosmetic, its still gameplay being locked out, if i understood everything correctly

slapping a fee with in game ressources for claimstakes would seem okay imo ? explained by the cost of the air bubble u get ? though i just dont get why its not possible to have claimstakes/housing as a thing you may or may not want to do but without that much of a drawback/fee for entry

it sure sounds amazing to imagine a battlefield on bases tailor-made for the terrain by the players who own the area after all

It could be a paywall for certain building parts/blueprints to get unique shapes and whatnot though, that i would be ultra fine with

And while i also think the subscription isnt gonna cause much problems ( i mean some people will buy after all ), it just feels like needlessly limiting the overall game experience, even if just a bit

ultimately im overall fine with this decision, just think its kind of a waste ? although not by too much

im not exactly sure how i should feel about being laughed at for giving a feedback that happen to not align with what is presented, should i simply not give my opinion here ? i get the "noone is ever happy about change" meme and whatnot, but we care and give our opinions about things we think do matter, we were not asked to give a particular specific opinion other than "what do you think of this"
not to mention that last round was pretty damn polite and went pretty calmly overall, at least on the forum here, i dont check on the discord often
not exactly feeling great to go give feedback about the development of a game some of us are extremely hyped for, and end up on a screenshot along others with the caption "haha ! see guys ? i told you !", no matter if i fit the description or not

but thats just a side note which doesnt concern the game so you can just ignore this part of course, i'm probably the only one who even care about this kinda things anyways, hell its probably just "not my type of humor", i wont write this kind of stuff again either way


Ark Liege
Nov 6, 2018
The only way claimstakes can work is 1 of 2 ways, FF XIV style or the horrible mmo style

FF XIV: all houses are in there own instance that has 2-300 houses and is layered multiple times for around 30 thousand houses per main city which adds to around 180k houses (very rough math). Beyond this every player can have a personal 1 room apartment.

For something similar in em8er it could be a lone island that is located directly below Home (thus granting immunity to invasions) and layered in a similar. way

horrible mmo way: countless mmo's have tried to have player controled structures in the open world and it always ends up with horrible immersion breaking structures littering the landscape.

Both of the above have good and bad points but since Em8er is a living world with invasions possible anywhere and at any time only the FF XIV version would be viable.

As cool as it would be to have player structures all over the world it would make no sense for a new terraforming zone to open up and there already being player structures there. On the opposite end it would be cool to be exploring, be running low on ammo and come across a friendly player base where you can reload and resupply.

As for upkeep FF XIV has a monthly fee that you need to pay and letting your optional monthly sub pay for it is fine.


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Nov 13, 2018
Holy Terra
My money, what little I spend in games, is spent on helping fund this game. When the game is out for sale I will still keep my monthly skin subscription, but will not be spending any money on claimstakes.
I am primarily a fighter. I like crafting better weapons/armor but thats about it,
I personally dont care about claimstakes really. So as long as buying into one does not give a player any sort of boost over players that choose not to have a claimstake, Im fine with them.
Likes: Wyntyr


Omni Ace
Jul 27, 2016
California, CA
Hold fire weapon button, press Missile Swarm ability without letting go of fire weapon button. Once Missile Swarm crosshair is visible let go of fire weapon button. Switch weapons to the plasma cannon and it will fire only one round. Switch back to the assault rifle and it will continue to fire as if you're still holding the fire weapon button until you press the fire weapon button twice.


Omni Ace
Omni Ace
Jul 29, 2016
Zone of Bones, Australia
My thoughts on Claimstakes haven't changed. It sounds like a perfectly reasonable idea, as long as it's optional and you don't spend the first 10-30 minutes of the game bumming around in your own personal sandbox. It would make for a great resource sink for players who might otherwise not have enough to spend their glut on resources on in the later game.

Tying it to a subscription, not sure. The argument of pay-to-win isn't relevant, since there doesn't sound like there's a competitive edge in:
  • Thumping -- since the overworld is larger, access to more and higher tier resources and Kaiju
  • Crafting -- since you can probably craft in community bases and on the HOS. You could argue convenience but since you need transit there and back, doesn't sound convenient
Paying for a plot of land is eh, but it would earn the game some extra revenue. Perhaps provide the smallest bit of land to players from the start so they get a taste of it, then either
  1. Pay upkeep using resources in game (to keep the terraformer running and the shields up)
  2. Purchase a permanent "ark liege contract" with real world money to remove that cost
    1. From there, purchase further contracts to increase the land size
I suppose you might have to tie in a free option for people to upgrade, but I'm not going to think too much about it. I likely won't touch the system, but I'd like to option to gift resources to other players (in the case of community events at claimstakes) if there is an upkeep cost.

At the end of the day, I think it's wiser to keep the community together, so starting the game and being surrounded by it is best, rather than being sectioned off for a while. Claimstakes could give rise to some awesome community projects and community-driven events that would make them worthwhile.


Anyway, the new build. I won't comment on the human movement. It feels identical to the old human movement and it's awful. Some bugs:

- Exiting your omniframe, blowing it up and trying to E sometimes keeps that prompt on your screen. It's no longer possible to enter an omniframe, and the command won't complete no matter how long you hold E
- I swear this Deepstyke bug is the bane of the devs existence because it cannot die. I was able to continue moving and shooting this one time. It didn't lock my abilities either.
- As a human, destroy your frame and get into it while it's destroyed. You die, but a new UI is overlayed over your old UI.

The Invisible Walls
This should only be an issue while pilots are spawning outside the frame, but there are some interestingeffects concerning pilots and the invisible wall outside the map:

- Getting out of your omniframe in the corners of the map can cause your character to spawn inside the invisible wall. Could be use to exploit later on (why do you think I tried?)
- Concerning the above, you can jump to fidget yourself around a tiny bit, so it's plausible if there's no killwall outside of the barrier.
- You may also clip into the edge of the wall, causing your pilot to slowly rise up the wall. You stop at the very top corner of the map and cannot move. Easiest to perform at SE corner.
I'll keep updating this as time goes on.
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