Campaign Complete! $114,487 Earned!

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  1. Ronyn

    Ronyn Deepstryker Community Manager


    On behalf of Grummz, Myself, and the entire Em-8ER Dev and community teams we want to say thank you. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. We are overwhelmed by the support you have shown us. There is so much to say about how thankful we are...but I am truly without words to express how much love we feel right now.

    The goal we set for milestone three was 20 thousand, your donations exceeded that goal buy over 575 percent. This allows us to bypass the need for any additional milestones and will allow us to put our full focus into developing the playable mock up. Over the next several months we will be delivering the milestones, one by one, until the mock up is complete.

    So for now I will stop talking, I will be getting some rest then getting to work on processing all of the amazing rewards you guys unlocked! After that, expect to see a lot more...

    Take a breath Reapers, you have made magic happen.
  2. TGVirus

    TGVirus Firstclaimer

    This fundraiser was EPIC ! :D
    Nice community we have here, im glad to be part of it.
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  3. Terib.Shadow

    Terib.Shadow Well-Known Member Greeter Omni Ace

    At least we didn't reach 120K
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  4. TwitchingShark

    TwitchingShark Gatestrider

    nearly an eighth of a million dollars :D

    Well done!
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  5. Despair

    Despair Firstclaimer - Death Reaper - Frame Founder

    Never would have thought about this amount of Money... I m now very curious to See the kickstarter campaign
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  6. Harven

    Harven Deepscanner

    This is amazing. Firefall community was always awesome, I'm glad it still is.
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  7. Jansin3

    Jansin3 Terraformer

    That is amazing! Now go have some rest.
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  8. TheSlaya

    TheSlaya New Member

    Will there be any other opportunities to back? I just stumbled across this today, but it's already past the deadline.
  9. Pandagnome

    Pandagnome Well-Known Member Happy Kaiju

    It doesn't look like it for now hopefully in the future if anything is announced
  10. Thunderstrike

    Thunderstrike Player One Omni Ace

    Yes. The Kickstarter to develop the game full-time will be the final opportunity to back.
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  11. Kaoseater

    Kaoseater Deepscanner

    I held out until the end but you got me.... way too much awesome in there.
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  12. Leetshield

    Leetshield Deepscanner

    Fundraiser was pretty amazing, I'm looking forward to seeing the milestone rewards getting delivered and the playable mock up ofc :D
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  13. Grummz

    Grummz Administrator Ember Dev

    Great Job Everyone!
    We did it. YOU did it! 114,000 between IndieGoGo and Paypal Donations! This is going to allow us to create a GREAT playable mockup and video to grow our audience which is already 12,000 strong.

    Here's what's next:

    • Over the next week we will be collating all the pledges. There were many upgrades, paypal pledges, gifts and prizes that need to be integrated and checked to match against perks.
    • By this Friday backers at the $15 Scout level and above will receive e-mails of the PDF Vision Book and THMPR Art Build exe. If you gifted these, you may forward them onto whomever you gifted them too.
    • Next week we will begin contacting you for your forum name and your giftees forum names. You must have an Em-8ER forums accounts to receive your backer titles. We will verify your perk levels at this time.
    • By the end of Next Friday everyone who responds will begin to receive their titles, assigned by hand. Expect this process to take a week or so and we will start with highest backers and work our way backwards. There are 2000 we need to do by hand!
    • Note that perks that include multiple copies of the game or playable mockup do NOT come with multiple stretch goal unlocks or skins. These are 1 set per pack only. When you give a copy of the game or playable mockup you are only gifting the mockup or game, not duplicating the skins, bikes, etc.
    That's it! In a month we should have the formal Em-8ER accounts set up that will link your forum, Discord and Em-8ER information. In six months the playable mockup should be ready. A month or two after that will be the KS.

    Thank you all so much for your support!!!!
  14. Wyntyr

    Wyntyr Firstclaimer

    100k+ FTW!!! :eek::D:cool:
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  15. bluelight

    bluelight Firstclaimer

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  16. Hesnojedi

    Hesnojedi New Member

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  17. Daevic

    Daevic Emberite - Gatestrider - T.H.M.P.R.

    Nicely done everyone!
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  18. Despair

    Despair Firstclaimer - Death Reaper - Frame Founder

    Brace yourself....Winter is coming
  19. Mikkomon

    Mikkomon New Member

    Are the perks and stretch goals permanently out of reach now? Found out about Paypal option too late :(
  20. Mahdi

    Mahdi THMPR Inbound - Gatestrider - Firstclaimer

    Now everyone can sit back knowing we did our part. Let the team roll forward while we are patient for the next stage to be complete!

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