Black Talons Ember RP Thread. [Story Only]

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Jul 27, 2016
Portland Oregon
The cockpit blinked to life under the pilot's gloved hand. Terminals checked and switches toggled on the way to a peripheral port terminal. The darknet messaging service delivered a window popup with an urgent message across all channels.

------------------------Merc/Paramilitary Staffing------------------------
Times change, and with it the morals and values slide ever further into the encroaching darkness. The vast depths of space lost their novelty to the infighting of corporations and whatever ABC organization of like minded sheep could muster. Yet there has always been one universal thread in this all... the deep desire to protect and defend the ideas of these dreamers.
This desire spans the history of many races, the wars and conflicts have been won or lost by the tools and operators behind those tools. Now that trade has become a science and that science a mastery to those who live it's rigours life. Black Talons is a paramilitary staffing agency that thrives on the fringes of civilized developments throughout the known verse. For the right assets and the right objectives BTA can be your's for the operational success in your quadrant or tactical op of your discretion. We have goons, knuckles and chuckles as well as your smooth operators; BTA is the paramilitary outfitting organization for you!
On your last credit? Need to pay those tabs down: then look no further. BTA Paramilitary Staffing is open to both the public and private civilians, as well as all ex-military personnel looking to rejoin the lifelong fellowship. Apply today!

------------------------End Transmission------------------------

The pilot's hand deftly tapped the indicated "Apply Now" button, followed by the submit bidata registry button. An internal subsystems encryption algorithm ran in a system window in the background as it transmitted the credentials and biographical information requested. A hyperspace beacon blipped to life on the nav screen abeam the ship, indicating a new destination opened up.
Deep in the kelume Ta'ri cluster, the nav beacon would put the ship dangerously close to a known hostile wormhole. The sector has been a hotbed for piracy and interdiction for the last decade and appears to be the application location for the BTA...

The pilot carefully engaged their flight restraints, adjusted their helmet and engaged their flight HUD as they flicked the warp gate engines to life.

>Unknown Pilot "Banin and Shagging in Ta'ri..."

The 'ri' lingered on the photonic impression of the pilots LKP as the ship slipped into the hyperspace transit lane heading for the Kelume Ta'ri cluster.
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