Beyond RGB


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Nov 16, 2018
What if the player's actions, cooldowns, status, etc could influence the terrain and graphics engine mechanics around the player?

So the engine would reach out and modify lighting, texture, shader, color and any other sliders around the player.

Even extreme things might be feasible. It would be awesome if, for example, one ability cooldown created a halo, and looking through it showed the landscape without snow.

Light source effects are already a thought in RGB, but why not "black light" effects for a commander-class enemy, where the surrounding light mutes and shadows deepen.. or even shift directions as though instead being cast from an unseen light source?


Omni Ace
Jul 27, 2016
California, CA
imo, as cool and eye candy-esque glow effects are, eventually there needs to be a hard cap on them. The more things the human eye is tasked to perceive the more difficult it is for the player to comprehend what they are seeing. In a game that is intended to have 100 players on screen plus all their abilites AND the kaiju, the amount of light effects would effectively blind the players. (See the stereotypical Korean RPGs).

Not to mention computer rendering costs and the server info packets needed to declare which glow effect to show and how long the cool down is.

A few glow effects are fine but imo it's super easy to get carried away