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    This is not cannon lore (but it could be)! After i read the official lore, i had some ideas for some backstory on certain people or places, notes or logs the player can find in the world as he explores.Let me know what you think and post your stories!

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    Planet: Em-8ER

    Location: Drilling Facility Nr.16 “Black Lagoon”

    Commander: Rufus Darf

    Commander’s Log:

    Day 1

    Here we are….A fresh start for our people, a new planet to call home. This planet is NOT happy that we are here, that is for sure. 5 months since we first landed and we barely made any progress , still only having a fraction of the planet terra-formed . But today marks the next step in our struggle. Black Lagoon is a new prototype of drilling facilities, dropped deep inside the uncharted territory, with a crew of only 5 Gatestriders and 50 MEK-As. We cannot go outside as our safety equipment will fail after 4-5 hours, but after our MEK-As received a additional layer of armour, they can handle it just fine.

    I am here together with Lieutenant Jade Miller, security chief, Dan Foster, doctor, Amanda Park, our engineer, and Frank Dawson, communication chief.

    We have no idea what we might find here, but the satellite scan classified this zone as “promising”….whatever that means.

    Day 2

    Everything is up and running, we have comms and the area around seems secure. We will start drilling later today.

    Day 3

    Incredible! 2 MEK-As found a deep vein of [redacted]! We have radioed the find and have received orders to focus solely on the vein, as Command desperately needs it.

    I will never doubt the satellites again!

    Day 4

    3 MEK-A's didn't return after the mining session was over. They don't appear on any GPS and records show no sign of trouble until the connection went dark. Tomorrow Miller will take a few MEK_A's to go and find them.

    I hope they are fine…

    Day 5

    Miller is missing. It has been 12 hours since she left and we haven’t heard anything…..I have to go after her, I will leave Foster in charge until I get back.

    Day 6

    Foster here…..The commander still hasn’t returned…I am worried about his suit….i hope he found Miller and are waiting for the air to get a bit better before coming back. Until then…..i am in charge…..i hate being in charge… I am just happy that the MEK-As are doing everything autonomous….I will go to sleep…I have been awake since Miller left….

    Day 7

    We are done…….as I write this, Drilling Facility Nr. 16 also known as Black Lagoon is being destroyed.

    Early in the morning, as the MEK-As open the doors to go out, we started taking fire from the forrest ….

    Before we knew what was happening, they took down our comms dish and half the MEK-As….

    I am in the command center with Amanda, Frank and 5 MEK-As….we could not get to our MEKs and only have 2 rifles. After I finish this we will open the door and try and take with us as many as we can…..

    As many as we can what? What are we even fighting? Doesn’t really matter I guess…

    To whoever reads this, know we didn’t give up and kill the bastards when you find them

    Dr. Dan Foster, commander of the Black Lagoon signing off

    Good Luck
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    what do you guys think? i wrote this to be found in a abandoned drilling facility, as a notebook or audio
  4. Schmuky

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    it is a bit sketchy, but i wrote in like 30 min:))
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    Interesting idea in my opinion, there's a couple of things that don't look right but overall this could be used, gj.
  6. Schmuky

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    thanks, and i know there are, it was a first draft, ill read the lore a couple more times before making another one
    just to be sure i get everything right
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    Keep in mind. The Gatestrider was already on ember and terraformed the first "pocket" . The reaper (we, the players) are a band of merc that been hired after the "first contact".
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    yes, i wrote this from the perspective of a gatestrider, before the first contact. the players can find this when the area opens up again, in game
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    you know that we got such stuff under Roleplay, right?
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    well..i am writing in order to add to the lore, if the dev like it
    thats why i posted it here
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    and you can just call grummz to notice you lol
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    Well, this is the "notice me (censored)" thread....
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    “Archive records from the Age of Reason-Part 1”

    Author : Ryan Gordon

    Function: Scribe for the United Earth

    Clearance Level: 1/5 (Minimum)

    Events Depicted: The rise to Power and Governance of Earth

    Now that the chaos and instability after the downfall of the Reich have diminished and 60 years have passed since the Enshigi took control of the United Earth, we can finally take a step back and look at how everything is going.

    I am not affiliated with the Enshigi and I believe I can be objective enough for keeping the records of the history of mankind.

    After Oppenheimer’s legendary broadcast to the world, in which he provided evidence of the Reich’s plan to exterminate most people, and the birth of the Enshigi as a new government, people were scared. They were scared of what a group with to much power might be able to do and were looking at the Enshigi as a unknown. They hoped that the Enshigi were truthful and would act in their best interest, but they were fearful of what might happen. Fortunately, years living under Nazi rule made them obedient, and no major conflict were reported, as the world accepted the Enshigi.

    They wasted no time, working to improve the world and help people. The nukes were long-gone and with the thread of an atomic blast going away, people started to trust them, respect them, even love them. They were the best of the best, working for a better world.

    Technological progress was incredible, people were healthy, happy and for the first time in forever, hoping. Knowing that tomorrow was going to be good, hoping in will be great. They gave the Enshigi power over everything, and were rewarded. No one wanted to speak against the Enshigi, fearing they might stop or leave.

    They didn’t and here we are, 60 years later, only minutes away from forming the first ever colony on Mars. I am sitting in a restaurant with 30 other people, looking at the landing of the first module on the Martian surface.

    Aaand success! The colony landed safely on Mars, astronauts are waving to the camera…Yes, humanity is safe in the hands of the Enshigi and they will provide a bright future for every single human.
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    Not really a lore drop but a potential motto if the Gate Striders have a coat of arms 'explorarent stellarum, mundum vincimus'
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    Makes me wanna write my own little lore drop. From the perspective of a recon-type Reaper, piloting a Sly-Dancer light-frame, as they arrive on the planet and get their bearings. Their first few hours or day there.
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    That could be cool, you should do it
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    But my suggestion would be to wait for the modeling of the frame later today, so you get an actual ideea of scale and size of it
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    I like it :cool:
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    Here is alittle story to add somewhere the names i just couldn't think of great one's but those can easily be changed!

    The imprisoned story

    Recording NS-IR2x
    [Sidath McNeil] After the breakout of an unclassified parasite we were forced to proceed with lock down.
    Myself and a few are the only one's left and for now we have maintained minimum contact to prevent
    further issues.

    It seems the parasite feed on the power source we use!... as soon as we turn off the power the parasites go dormant.
    We are running out of supplies and its a matter of time that a drastic decision needs to be made hmm.

    Recording NS-IR3x
    [Mia Sairs] I cannot stay locked up until my death, but Sid seems to think we should just stay here
    and do nothing. If its power they are after a trap could be in order but i have already told the rest of my disapproval of their decision to stay here.

    I have already collected enough parts for a trap but i am not sure if i should tell the rest?

    Recording NS-IR4x
    Corrupted recording (strange interference sounds and crushing sounds),
    [The computer could clear up the sound and remove the rest to enhance perhaps there is a clue if it was more clear]

    Recording NS-IR5x
    [Veron Conte] shit shit shit i had enough of this aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah splattering sound

    Recording NS-IR6x
    [Mia Sairs] I have gone to the upper chambers of the facilities the rest do not know and have manually unlocked certain regions. (Humming sound of generator kicks in) Damn it

    Recording NS-IR7x
    (data unavailable) perhaps a hacker could trace the last who accessed it?

    Recording NS-IR8x
    (data locked security clearance A10) One of the survivors must have access dead or alive this is the last recording clue to find out what really happened!

    This could lead to the story of bio-engineering and R&D of things that went out of control another type of threat to add ?
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    Interesting, this could be found in a underground bunker as the player explores. Definitely audio log....imagine going forward in the dark with this playing in your ears
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