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Jul 26, 2016
Good Day Reapers,

So this is something that had been gnawing at me for a while. Quite often I have seen folks asking about the backer packs and their 'value for money'. Now, of course, that varies from individual to individual, and is not something that some random person on the internet can quantify for you.

The problem I noticed though, was that it was pretty tough for users to sift through the chunk of data on the Campaign pages and pick out relevant perks that would help them make better decisions on 'value'. Even those of us that have been associated with the game for a significant period of time, and are constantly going through said info to help answer questions on Discord, often find it difficult to locate specific perks from the info dump on the Campaign pages.

This prompted me to set up a little tool that would lay all the data out in an easy to read/search format that should help folks while upgrading or purchasing perks.

The Backer Pack Info tool is simply an Excel file. It allows users to:

1. Check the perks on any tier for M3 and Newcomer Backer Packs (since they are the only ones that can be accessed/upgraded right now), using a dropdown to select tier.

2. Compare the perks between two tiers of any particular Backer program.

3. Gives you a list of all perks that are unique to a particular tier, in comparison to another tier.

4. Search for perks using any keyword, across a given Backer Program (Keyword Search tab). This will list relevant perks and the tier they are associated with.


The file can be opened using Excel or LibreOffice.

Now, of course, this is definitely a little late, since we are closing in on the Kickstarter. But there will likely be a lot of upgrades and purchases between now and the Kickstarter as more folks come in over this period, especially with all the test builds being released. This tool is intended to help these individuals.

Do bear in mind, going forward, there may be additional perks that may be added by Grummz. Also, there are a few oddities in the perk lists, which are being clarified. The file will be updated as necessary.

For those that may have already downloaded the file from when I linked it on discord, please re-download from this link. I have made a few changes based on clarifications and suggestions.

If you have any questions regarding the file and its functionality, feel free to ping me on Discord.

Any and all suggestions/inputs welcome.

Hope folks find this useful.


Edit 1: New revision uploaded V 1.2.3

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Feb 13, 2017
As per his awesome Godly request, pasting the discord response, to keep it nice and tidy.
I've started working on the website version of this and in my trying to unify some of the info, I ran into some stuff you could probably adjust aswell, although I'm sure most of it was just copy paste errors or similar, you can correct it if you want. All of these are pointed out because it was relevant to me, may not be for you.

    Dollar Club - There's 2 lines that states "For Kaiju Slayers and Max Kahunas Only",
could move that to that tier (Although I understand on the sheet it doesn't exist really

    Dollar Club - There should also be a mini tsi-hu pet as a $30,000 goal being reached

    Omni Ace - Several lines that are similar to the previous rank, but are written slightly different,
so they show up as being big changes, although many exist on the previous rank

    OVERALL: Although it isn't really written on every rank, I am going with the attitude that every
next rank likely has all the stuff from the previous ranks, like there's slight differences in writing
(although I am unsure of several things, we're not the creators, but I am going with it none the less)
example: Some have not written which builds they have access to but they have access to it
anyway. This is not that big of a deal though for the sheet.

    Big respect: For putting in Founder Dropship, almost forgot about this one myself on what rank
it was

Sources that I used (other than your sheet ofcourse):
And ofcourse the backer site .

Finally thank you (again and again) This is helping making this thing in website form a lot, and speeding up the process. Hoping some time next week you could take a look at it and provide your feedback then aswell.

Much Love as always
And once again, cheers and very awesome sauce Maven :)


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Jul 26, 2016
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@Maven that is an AWESOMESAUCE tool for new and current backers alike!

I'm hoping the dev team might revisit the perk pack descriptions; and re-organize them in a way that will be less confusing, listing all the perks in the same way because I've seen a number of folks who are confused by the descriptions and wording. I count myself among those who have gotten confused as well.

8 FOR EM-8ER :cool::cool::cool:


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Jul 26, 2016
Thanks for the support :)

I've made a few revisions to the file.

New version: V 1.2.3


1. Renamed the perk 'B/W Custom base banner', in the Omni Ace tier (M3), to 'CUSTOM B/W base banner symbol'. Grummz has clarified that this perk is the same as the perk in the Base Commander tier, just named differently.

2. Added the Mini Tsi-Hu Beast Pet perk to the Stretch Goals list at all tiers for M3. Thanks @Speedy93 for noticing that it was missing.

I've decided against shifting the 'Max Kahuna and Kaiju Slayers only' statement elsewhere. They are part of the stretch goals and subsequently appear across all tiers. The only place it could go to, is the general section at the top right of the sheet. Adding anything more in there will mean I have to increase the row widths even further. Will just look awkward at that point.