Assault Frame Sketch

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    An incomplete line drawing of what I imagine an assault frame to be like. Feel free to shade or color it for me because I don't really have the patience to do it myself.

    • Close to mid level range plasma cannon that attaches to the hip when not in use.
    • It has a vertical grip attachment which reduces recoil and increases overall accuracy.
    • Has a scope attachment to make moderately long distance shots.
    • Mono-pod attachment for further stabilization for when laying down on the ground.
    • The end of the plasma cannon extends and sits over the shoulder for the utmost stabilization.
    • The assault frame is designed for both defense and offense.
    • Versatile and good for first time pilots.
    • Average speed, defensive and offensive stats.
    • The frame has flight boosters on its back for to make small jumps, like over a small wall and such.

    I pulled inspiration from the assault frame from Firefall and some design inspiration as well from the kataphrakt from the anime Aldnoah.Zero. One of my favorite animes, would recommend.
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    This is a very clean design. I love it!
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