Asian Racism

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    I got a new one that seems to be relatively new among teenagers and wannabes:

    Apparently Asians (and non-mestizo south-americans .... and russians, ....and greenlanders...and you get it ...and ...and....and....and.....and) aren't "white" even though they're the closest thing to 'ghost paper pale' on the entire planet. ... baahahaahahahahahaaa ! ! ! ! !Qué stupiden! xD


    Why am I nitpicking this one little term? well golly miss molly ! ! I am attempting to perversify everything that " " Native Americans " " and most Asians(hyperbole) are trying to(and failing to) stand for ^_^

    (obviously I'm targeting the wannabes, the misresearched, the 'historians for pay' , the ones that make up fake rituals that almost get people killed on private property, etc.)
    ....FOR FUN ! ! :D

    As It so turns out, it seems that pretty much anyone claiming to be a native(or asian) inevitably turns out to be extremely racist, brutal, and cruel when given any sort of internet anonymity. And in this case? Any sort of cultural ambassador or historian position of power. (claiming is one thing, doing is another thing entirely)

    The loudest idiots do a fine good job of misrepresenting their kind, for sure ! ! ♥ ♥
    Makes you wonder if they're the majority instead of the minority. But of course, claiming the baaaaaaaad people are the majority always makes some neurotic psychopath log in just to defend whatever it is xD lolLOLLOLlolLOLlool ! ! ! " " OoooOOOoooohhhh no, Kotu, The majority is NEEEEVERRRR the bad demographic.!! " "

    This is a flamewar topic, meant to incite fiery anger >:D
    Just don't take things personally or as a 100% tangible measure of character ^_^ After all, this is a flamewar section and some rules do indeed apply
    When I mention the 'Historians for pay' quip, think about all of those very young employees and naive degree-holding people who never compromise on anything, making any sort of percieved-good progress 'disappear' or otherwise never happen. The past is the past, you are NOT your grandfather's grandfather. Compromises = progress.

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    ohhh darn. I already covered asians in another rant topic :/
    hmmm... New Topic name?? What should it be ?

    Actually. Now that I read the thread subtitle. I think pretty much every topic I've ever posted in this section might be off topic. Whoops. Well sorry xD Feel free to delete them, and I'll know from there

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