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  1. lOrD gHoSt

    lOrD gHoSt New Member

    i dont like the UE.
    er, thats it ^^

    its just nice to crank up the game, like 4k or getting good FPS with a not so new GPU setup!

    2-Way SLI. 3 or even 4-way isnt that good for gaming, micro stuttering and such BS ^^

    aand a little bit offtopic:
    would be nice to play this in surround :) native, hud not in the far corners, but in the center screen, or movable like in most MMOs, so you can move like the chat and quest window to the edges near the center of the side screens :D
    can do another post for that if necessary ^^
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  2. Grummz

    Grummz Administrator Ember Dev

    Is Unreal 4 optimized for SLI out of the box or do you have to do stuff?
  3. Sorrow2u

    Sorrow2u Deepscanner

  4. phoenix

    phoenix Member

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  5. lOrD gHoSt

    lOrD gHoSt New Member

    i hope not!
    the problem with the UE and SLI isnt a new one, so no, its not going to change until they implement it natively in UE5(+), so its just there ^^
    thats why most of the UE games out there have no SLI, maybe most of them are early access (not optimized, yet), or its too costly to get the license from nvidia, idk.
    sometimes you can have a little SLI with workarounds and tinkering, but most of the time you get nothing, you lose...! ^^
    but i hope someone from the Ember team is going to ask nvidia about that! :D

    ...good day sir!
  6. Sorrow2u

    Sorrow2u Deepscanner

    Hm dx12 will do it. Or vulkan, it will be easyair that sli
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  7. Zarkopafilis

    Zarkopafilis Member

    Well nVidia said it sucks so th eonly use you could actually get out of it is use one card just for physX and/or cataclysm liquid solver etc. I don't know what's up with the new multi projection on many displays but it's not yet supported in Unreal.
  8. the forgotten son

    the forgotten son Gatestrider - Frame Founder

    last i herd nividia was killing off sli on all new gpu's for games (only available on flagship for bench mark testing and only 2 way possible for gaming) unless something has changed since i last checked
  9. Vedemin

    Vedemin Deepscanner

    Please, don't make this game N-Vidia focused. We, Radeon players are here [*waves hand]
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  10. Nunaden

    Nunaden Well-Known Member

    Not jsut u Radeon, but we Intel Iris too lol
  11. lOrD gHoSt

    lOrD gHoSt New Member

    yep, UE4 is great looking, but only on high end cards, everything you lower in the graphic menu makes the games look bad, and most of the things are combined in one graphic option, like DOF and SSAO, or motion blur and DOF and bloom... idk why, i like one or two things of them options, but not all of them together ^^ (maybe the ember folks can make the options menu a little bit more... selective :) but its mostly UE hardcoded stuff...)
    thats why i think SLI would be great for older cards to get the performance to output those performancehungry options.
    and ofc the surround thing, the performance for 3 times the resolution has to come from SOMEWHERE! xD

    so, you just said nvidia is killing SLI, and after that you say that 2 way SLI for gaming is stil a thing :D
    i meant 2-way SLI in my first post, and i think most of the SLI users know that ^^

    yes, 3 or 4-way SLI is not an option anymore for gaming (says nvidia, its not supported, but i dont think you cant tinker around to get your 4way for gaming), only for benchmarks (y? idk, noon is playing with more than 2 serious ^^) but 2-way is now pushed a little bit, because of the VR (only the flagship cards can VR, maybe you meant that) and they made a special/new SLI 2-way bridge.

    but heck, 3 way is shit, and 4 way is too much micro stuttering, you cant say thats good to game with, so no problem! :)

    you can play this game with an AMD card no problem!
    you only have the OPTION to play it in SLI, maybe ^^ if implemented.
    so, optinal things are not the focus of anything ;)
    get your hands on crossfire options for the UE, and suggest to get that into the game too! :)

    Mac right? last time i checked that, was like 2 years ago, it wasnt pleasant with the UE4.
    maybe that changed, but i wouldnt bet on it!
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  12. Nunaden

    Nunaden Well-Known Member

    Yeah, but rather Mac mini. The mac pro is using AMD FirePRO D300(3k$ version)/D500(4k$ version).
  13. NitroMidgets

    NitroMidgets Tsi-Hu Hunter

    Will there be a need for SLI with the new GTX cards?
    Just curious as I am running in SLI right now but still waiting to purchase one of the new cards.

    A friend who has a new 1080 complains that the frame rate for The Division with his system got worse when he upgraded. I saw on there forums he isn't the only person either.
  14. the forgotten son

    the forgotten son Gatestrider - Frame Founder

    on the higher end card have 2 way but not on lower ones the is no support at all for 1060 3 gig version and suspect all lower one will not have it too. odds are if you have this you will have no problem with running the game with a single gpu so all problems you mentioned above are not a problem if you got a newer card just older ones which the vulken api gets around the problems just fine ( it give improvements for both vendors not just amd) not sure about older gpus but odds are if you going to have problems with ember you going to have a lot of problems with a lot of games going forward. they can always pull a doom and just build it for high end and try to make it work for lower gpus later i would say push the bounders over time you should upgrade your gpu
  15. TCX

    TCX New Member

    psh I played Firefall and Warframe on Intel integrated, I'll just work my magic on this game and run on minimum settings as a sniper with 15 fps.

    I do hope this game has really low terrible settings mode where even the UI is practically unreadable, so I can play on a cheap computer
  16. Zarkopafilis

    Zarkopafilis Member

    You'd have to mess around with launch parameters of the engien to get the most out of your graphics. Unless everybody decides to go vulkan
  17. TheDragonMonkey

    TheDragonMonkey Member Max Kahuna

    If your talking about surround gaming I can play any game in surround.
  18. Piercerson

    Piercerson Emberite

    I wouldn't mind that.
  19. Zarkopafilis

    Zarkopafilis Member

    I guess you wouldnt mind many hours of fiddling with parameters as well as so much more time needed to package the game correctly just to get an extra 10 fps with a second 1080

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