Art Demo Ships Next Week


Ember Dev
Jul 25, 2016
October Update

We're dropping some new updates for Em-8ER. Progress on the Art Demo has been great and we expect to ship the demo to backers next week. We're happy with the way the new models are looking in game. Here is the current status:

Human Male/Female: DONE: controllable and running around
Tsi-Hu Humanoid: DONE: in game, textured, rigged and with idle animation and FX
Omniframe: Low Poly done, UV unwrapping 30%
Tsi-Hu Beast: In game, textured, working on procedural FX and rigging
THMPR: DONE. Adding IKinema foot placement
Kaiju: Textured and rigged, idle animation being created

All eligible backers will receive a copy of the Art Demo next week! To check your eligibility, view your perks at:

Thanks for all your support for EM-8ER and we hope to see you in a chief chat after the art demo drops!


Jul 26, 2016
Montana, US
Sure looking forward to this! Coming at just the right time in my books. Feeling like a winner!

Gifts for us backers first, Grummz? Good ol' Bob Marley popped in my head.

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