Anti-American thirdworlders

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    """ I'm an Asian who doesn't hire the white guy next to me because he's a Singapore-minority. My country is superior and toooootally not racist and it's totally okay to defend my actions by saying 'ohh it's my Culture to act like this' """ ^_^

    Oh my god the sarcasm. Ohh ohhh ! ! ! ! And then there's the whole Ghost In the Shell Scarlett WhiteWashing debacle. The one where actual Japanese people are alright with it because she does indeed look like the Lt. The only ones flipping out and going crazy are the crazies and the _non-asian nerds_. Pfft. Whitewashing. Whatever, fix your countries' demographic parity before complaining about whitewashing.

    """ Our riots consist entirely of extreme violence and soccer teams going knife to knife with teargas everywhere, a King for a president, and lots of legally DeJure minorities. I hate America because TV + Hollywood Movies totalllly = America Our GDP is sooOOOOooooo superior even though the majority of us can't even stay civil at the site of a mixed-race marriage ! """ lololol

    """ I'm Japanese and think every other country in the world owes us something even though we created an artificial island city to make slaves mine for coal and iron and spearheaded the rape of nanking and the korean wars. We want disproportionate-violent-retribution for the two nukes ! ! ! ! """ (I do kinda feel bad about the emporer though... He really needs more confidence when telling his military to stand down when the civillians are comprimised.)

    I hate America even though I'm an obligate American due to living on an American-Continent! ! ! ! """ (hehehehee... loopholes! !)

    Our country has the best GDP and standard of living on the planet. """ (heh. Only in the designated tourist cities. Which this person probably lived in. . .)

    .....FLAAAAAAME WAARRRRR ! ! ! !! ! !


    (If things get out of hand, feel free to lock or delete this topic or something ^_^ Make a rule about this specific indiscretion if you have to ? ? Have fun ! ! ... or at least try. You know how experimental this flamewar thread is:: ♥)

    ..Wellp ! ! ! That's all I have !
    And to be fair, not every grievance against the country is unprecedented. News does actually tend to ignore the good stuff and televise ONLY the bad stuff. It's blatant circumstance-porn.

    When that's all that ends up being televised, it tends to make it
    look like the most common thing on the entire continent. Like Africa. Africa doesn't need free stuff. That's ruining their manufacturing industry. And they really really try their damned hardest to search for months and months on end trying to find the most unrealistically impoverished villages possible to make 100% of africa look like a thirdworld. yadda yadda, the list goes on, hehehh

    Even more common is how everyone gets thrown into the same "class" as Californians, Floridans, and New Yorkers even though there's 47 other states and most of them are landlocked small towns and minor cities that don't care about or even try to dabble in the outside world and are rarely if at all heard about on planetary news channels. (and don't share or have even remotely similar social cues in comparison to californians or other port-city-coastal-state people) etc. etc. xD

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    Ehhh.....ppl think what they want, sadly....
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    meh... i don't care what ppl think 'bout countries... especially about germany... im living here my self and i was born here, and i still hate this country.

    If i need to i would serve the majesty her-/himself personally, as long as it safes trouble. But i still prefer anarchy... and antifascism...

    I'll just quote myself, j4f:
    "I won't go until i die as martyr for antifascism and anarchy!" :)
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  4. Torgue_Joey

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    It's common to hate one own country lol
    I'm from the US and lived in Germany for 20+ years. I HATE BOTH NATION. I HATE ALL NATION (except Torgueland lol)

    like Pasolini once said in Salo: "We the fascist are the only true anarchist" :)
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  5. Nunaden

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    It can be argued about that fascists are the true anarchists... being fascist or antifascist has nothing to do with anarchy in my opinion...
    just leaving this 'bout your quote...:
    "Anarchism is the idea that government (the state) is unnecessary and harmful.
    Anarchy is society without government.
    Anarchists are people who believe in anarchism and desire to live in anarchy as all our ancestors once did."
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    i think the most important thing is can dogs really dance?
  7. Torgue_Joey

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    she works out good
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    That's why i find "patriotism" funny. It's just a really biased belief on the supposed superiority of one's country while disregarding the qualities and achievements of other cultures. It doesn't matter where we born, we are always educated and conditioned to such belief. Call me conspiracy theorist if you want, but to me it's just the most common way of mass manipulation governments have.

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