Another beginner question regarding UE4 (well a couple actually)

Discussion in 'Ember & The Unreal Engine' started by Krhys, Sep 10, 2016.

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    I'll have to say, seeing all the amazing vids and things that the UE4 engine is capable of has really stirred up my creative juices and I've started learning the basics to start building a game I have been planning for a long, long time.

    However, I have a couple question for our esteemed Ember community:

    1. What application was used to build the THMPR and how easy is it to learn the basics on it?
    2. Any other 3D design packages out there than are easy to use, especially to just create standard objects to import into a UE4 project?

    Thanks for the info, hope I'm not stepping out of place with this thread!
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  2. Krhys

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  3. Zarkopafilis

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    Modelling, sculpting , texturing are the basic procedures:

    Modelling is basically geometric shapes while sculpting is eh, sculpting details, bla bla bla (not that easy to compose with just geometric shapes). Make everything modular, then combine em into a single mesh, rig it (add skeleton, this way you can animate it).

    Texturing = adding color to each part.

    Modelling : For UE4, maya is advised. You also can't use ART (Epic Games' Animation and Rigging Toolset with a program other than Maya - NOT MAYA LT , IT GOT NO PYTHON SCRIPTING SUPPORT - )
    Sculpting : ZBrush
    Texturing: Substance Painter (is what I prefer), Quixel, 3dcoat , Mudbox(no.)
  4. Krhys

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    OK, my main aim at the moment is to build standard map objects to import into UE and I read in a blog that Blender is a really good package for doing just this.

    Been looking at some YouTube tutorials and it seems pretty good, might give that a try.
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  5. ddrfr33k

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    Blender is a great starting point, especially if you don't have money.

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