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Aug 1, 2016
If you're not in france or asia, you're screwed.

Otherwise: Animation ends up being relegated as a toy... for children. And if it IS meant for teens or adults, it is ALWAYS porn, sleaze(everything made for AdultSwim...Ever), or comedy. . . . Period. Never anything else. If it is anything else, it always panders to children.

I blame Pixar Internship's weak-willed M.O. Stop convincing people that animation is strictly for children ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

To speak freely: To hell with that. It's time for a change.

(p.s. I animate. .... at 24fps. . . ... without autogenerated tweens. or 2D rigged puppets. Quite quickly per frame too :) )

I really should change to title to " "Animators" ". Too bad I don't see an option to xD

Things I hate about class//school-taught animators(mostly. It does still happen with self-taughts):

" tracing line-for-line is plagiarism "
---Hah no, shut up and study more!! Without tracing....line-for-line, hand-drawn and mouse-drawn animation doesn't exist at all ! Have you never seen a light-table or A4-sized cardstock? Stroke matching is very important to avoid animations looking like a noisy, boiling, mess of flashes. Stroke matching is also important for..... you know... learning Chinese
" Wacom is the only digitizer company that exist on the planet "
---Nope, theres actually a lot of these. I enjoy Huion the most. And then you get the hordes and hordes of wacom users that are utterly convinced that having pressure sensitivity that's less than 2048 for standard-issue is normal. heh nope, you don't have to spend 300+ dollars just to get 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity. Every other tablet company besides wacom, (and N-trig), use 2048 as their baseline standard, even for their 20$ tablets ^_^
Ohhh and also, wacom tablets are usually assembled in China, even the 6-thousand dollar Cintique. Durability is a placebo. Just because Wacom is seven times the price of everything else doesn't help that the drivers are as questionable as the other brands. People seriously think that the drivers are more reliable than the competition simply because it's wacom. Bahahahha.​

Things I hate about self-taught animators.... and non animators(oohh ! ! ! ! also, I'm completely self-taught ! ! yay for internet! !):

" Rotoscopy, 3D, 2D-puppet-rigs, and reference painting aren't animation "
---Ohhhhohohohhhh yes they are. Literally the only thing that doesn't count as animation is Marionetting and Animatronic features. Since those employ continuous shots and realtime movement. Soooooooooo pretentious! ! ! save the pretenses for the rich and the aristocrats. And don't even get me started on the fools who try to call EVERYTHING, even recorded live-action videos of real life people animation simply because it plays back frame-by-frame[shuddery voice] I throw these people in with the ""100% of videogames are roleplaying games by definition"" crowd. Argumentum ad Dictionarium is for the weak ! ! >:D .

" Anime means Japan-only animation"

---NOPE WRONG ! ! ! ! Ask any (100% native, to avoid loopholes) japanese person. It's an abbreviation, not a term. Abbreviations warrant words. Terms warrant definition. This is borderline Spotlight Fallacy trying to redefine an abbreviation as if it were a term just because of association. Bleggh... Anime is short for Animation: It's used for practically every kind of animation in written conversation.
" This black&white slideshow with unfiltered voices is an animation "
---Well actually, this point doesn't really deserve any due insult. But, nope not really, these are called animatics. They're slideshows that are usually 1FPS or less that are used to rough out an idea. Not animation yet
" I canz drawss anime! "
---Nope, you can draw manga, not animations. And the manga that they draw is usually blatant Tezuka copycat works with big-eyes and technicolor-hair...Mwuahahahaahahaaa ! ! ! ! ! !
" japanimation is superior "
---Heheheh nope. These things are factory produced in large arthouses by masses of interns and help. Have heavy-handed budget cuts and self-imposed limitations that flaunt those budget cuts. Are oftentimes still-photos with moving mouths, and are lowly 6 to 12FPS animations oh-so-hidden behind a 24FPS camera-pan. The only thing full-framerate about them are the camera pans. In the words of Ross Scott: "" It's intricate! But so's a ball of knotted up twine. ""

[[Still adding points to complain about ^_^ Yay flamewar Thread! ! ! ! I love flamewar thread . .. ! ]]

Also ! ! ! Photoshop is not for painting it's for PHOTOGRAPHS ! ! ! (its brush system is underpowered compared to other software options.) And its effect filters are for PHOTOGRAPHS. Lacks a first-party stabilizer tool.
Color-Keying a drawing involves a 12 step process that fiddles with contrast and levels and possibly involves you re-inking scanned in drawings, etc. You shouldn't have to ink in 2016. heheee I find that inking is obsolete for anything other than 20-year-old scanners with poor fidelity. You don't need to ink on a modern scanner. It's an extra step enforced by older teachers with a vendetta against new technology.
[[if you use photoshop, don't be shy, I'm insulting the program, not you, the user :p ]]

If you have RETAS TraceMan: You could literally throw your shadow markup on a flatbed scanner and hit the monoTrace button to get a CTG-color fillable linework file in a matter of seconds! ! ! ^_^

Flash is for web-apps and HTML GUI elements. (Has no brush system, primitive pressure sensitivity, and its only options for drawing is a pencil, and a single brush. And some geometry primitives) It's literally made to display autogenerated motion-tweens and actionscript programming

These adobe programs are also.... EXPENSIVE ! !... PER MONTH ! ! !

Soooo..... what are your art-related rants? ? ? I would love to hear them ! ! !

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Jul 27, 2016
Tracing is plagiarism if that's your final product, a copy of the original.

Taking someone else's work and calling it your own. That fits the definition.
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