Already found a bug :D


Apr 30, 2018
Hello World!
The site menu is bugged on my screen 1680x1050, win 7 64bit , chrome
em8er site bug.png
p.s.: Looking forward for this great game! (and confused how to get an unique python bike without winning one)


Kaiju Slayer
Max Kahuna
Jul 26, 2016
Quick info: The website is being revamped currently. There's a few broken stuff in there. Being fixed

The Python Bike skin upgrade is available only to Milestone 3 backers. The only way to get access to an M3 pack is by winning it during one of the giveaways or having someone else gift it to you.

But, good news: We are having several giveaways on the forums right now. We've already had 3 giveaways, and there will be two more over the next two days as part of the Black Friday sale event. You can take part in the giveaways to win a $1 Stretch Goal M3 pack. If you win it, you can upgrade the pack to get the Python Bike Skin (minimum upgrade to Scout tier ($15 base price, $11.25 discounted))

Do note that the discounted price is available only till the 25th

The next giveaway will be on the 24th November at 5:00 pm PST.
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