Achievments for Pre Alpha - Kickstarter Demos

Jul 31, 2016
I think sometime down the line they should add some achievements for the demos. obviously these would be reset for each new demo release like all other stats but It could give people a reason to play the demos while we wait for the new one or even waiting for the Kickstarter to fund when that comes out someday.

So achievements like:

- KABOOM!: "Kill 300 Tsi-hu"
- Speed Demon: "Reach max speed while gliding over water at low altitude"
- Ban Hammer: "Kill 50 players in the PVP server"
- Survivalist: "Get Hit by a missile swarm launched from 3 players, and survive"
- Top of The World: "Climb the Tallest Mountain on the map"
- The Ocean?: "Go inside a giant Shell"
- [email protected]%$: "Slam into a tree seconds after activating the glider ability"
- Eye In The Sky: "Glide for 1 minute without losing momentum"
- Is This a Simulation?: "Hit the world border"
- Am I Bleeding?: "Play as a RED Omniframe"
- The Deepest Strike: "Deepstrike a player who has just Deepstruck another player"
- Payback: "Kill a player with a THMPR after they kill you"

I think stuff like that could give players incentives to at least complete the achievement list for the demo, thus letting them experience everything to do so far that's available.

(Post any Achievement Ideas y'all got too. it'd be cool to see what you guys can think either current possibilities or things you might want in the future?)

OOOOOORRRR Have Demo events where whenever the demo is updated and reset, Players are tasked with getting the highest number of NPC kills. who ever has the highest number by the time the next demo is here they are given a random skin they don't have or possibly a backer pack upgrade if they can receive one. That would also get the game as it is right now even to be a bit competitive and allow players to try and be the top. Plus if it gave the game some traffic, they would also possibly be discovering bugs and issues with the game as is.

But either of these things in my mind could work really well to drive traffic to play, support and buy the game.
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