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Jul 26, 2016
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Does the game have multiple languages? Or is it only English?
Hello TexasCL!!
At this time, the game is only in English.

The last time Grummz mentioned the size of the Em-8ER Developer Team, he said the team size is very small (around 6 to 8).

Grummz & Nizuul are currently the only developers working full-time, the rest are part-time. It fluctuates as to how many developers are working at any given time because they work on an as needed basis.

In addition...

Right now, Em-8ER is in a pre-Kickstarter (or pre-pre-alpha) phase.

What this means is, it's too early to give any estimates on alphas, betas, or release dates at this time.

The current demos are developer test builds of the game. They are the framework for the Playable Mockup (a vertical slice of the game), which will be launched just before Kickstarter. These are available for Backers and Patrons to play in.

Grummz hasn't announced a specific date for the Kickstarter, but the Dev Team is aiming for 2021.


There may be opportunities at some point in the future for multiple languages for Em-8ER.

I hope this helps!!
If you have any more questions, I reside mostly on the Official Em-8ER Discord: https://discord.gg/em-8er

Cheers!! ~ Faeryl


Omni Ace
Jul 26, 2016
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