Ability Recovery After Skimming and Skim Speed?

Discussion in 'General Ember Discussion' started by MattHunX, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. MattHunX

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    Should there be differences between frame-types in how much time abilities will need to be usable when we stop skimming?

    For example:

    Light Frames - Skim faster, but with slower recovery time. (Or should it be fast, all around?)

    Medium Frames - Balanced.

    Heavy Frames - Skim slower, but with faster recovery time. (Or should it be slow, all around?)

    Should recovery also depend on the tier/power of the ability? The higher tier it is, the more time it would need to be ready for use, after skimming.
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    Whoa, I must have been out of the loop for a while. What is skimming and is it actually going to be a feature of ember?
  3. MattHunX

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  4. Terricon4

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    Probably something similar too this, but a lot more refined and going at who knows what actual speed (also unable to shoot while doing so). 0:19 in, also note this is just my fan creation, not official or something made with the direct input of Mark or any current Devs as it were.
  5. NoahDVS

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    Thanks. Looks like Jet propelled skiing. Pretty nice.
    Now my reply to the original post:
    I don't think there should be a difference between frames in max speeds or recovery times, but I think there should be inertia and I think frames should be able to knock obstacles out of the way based on the mass and momentum of the frame relative to the obstacle's mass and momentum. Perhaps frames could even continuously knock obstacles in the direction that the frame is moving as long as the directions of the frame and obstacle don't change and as long as the frame has enough momentum. Obstacles could include enemies.
    • Light frames accelerate and decelerate quickly, meaning they can start, stop and change directions more easily. They are also stopped more easily by obstacles.
    • Medium frames are medium.
    • Heavy frames accelerate more slowly and lose speed more slowly, meaning they can't start, stop and change directions as easily. They can also knock obstacles out of the way more easily.
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