A Short Em-8ER Story: Captain Monahan's Failure

Jul 16, 2017

Static crackled in Captain Monahan's ear. A tree exploded to her right. She jumped over an abandoned omiframe.

She was shot on her left side. A dozen of alarms went off on her interface. Power levels below 20%, left booster is offline, plasma cannon is malfunctioning, and so on.

"Cap—" Static. "Captain." Static made it hard to hear what one of her pilots was saying.

"Brown, is that you? What is it?" She yelled into her headset.

"Uh, Captain." A moment of static. "I think my frame might be broken."

"WHAT? You idiot!"

Her interface went completely dark. Her omiframe stopped moving. She smashed her fist into the wall of her frame and let out a frustrated grunt.

Simulation failed.

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