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Jul 26, 2016
Greetings fellow Reapers,

Welcome to the Em-8ER, F.A.Q. contributor contest.

Over the months since Em-8ER was first announced, there has been a lot of great information released about it. So now we need to collect a bunch of the juicy details into a single, comprehensive F.A.Q. It's a big task so I am calling out to you, the community, to get involved and help me write it.

You will present your entries as a question and an answer combination.

For example:
Q: Will Em-8ER be free to play?
A: No, Em-8ER will be have a cost to purchase but no monthly subscription.

You can submit up to three question and answer combinations in a single post.
Only one post per person.

Recognition! Each question and answer combination entry that makes it to the official F.A.Q. will have your name on it. You will be forever attributed as the contributor for that part of the F.A.Q.

Note: This thread is for entries only. Any discussion about the F.A.Q. or the contest should be done in the separate F.A.Q. discussion thread.

There is no set end date on this contest, I will keep it open until I am satisfied with the information gathered. Good luck to everyone!
Jul 26, 2016
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Q: Which engine are the developers using to create the game?
A: Due to the high versatility and great support it has, the game will be created using the Unreal Engine 4, a suite of integrated tools for game developers to design and build games, simulations, and visualizations.

Q: What kind of game will Em-8ER be?
A: It was designated as "Massive Planetary Wargame", basically an open world shooter with a dynamic war against a shapeshifting alien race that humans call "The Tis-Hu".

Q: What is an Omniframe?
A: Humans use a highly advanced and versatile mech suit for combat called Omniframe. It can be highly customized depending on the pilot skills and preferences, from high movility to great tankiness. A transparent force field protects the pilot but if you prefer a fully covered appearance. Hard Driver mode can be activate through the ingame options menu and allow you to toggle an armored shell over your character to enclose it completely in your omniframe.

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Jul 26, 2016
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Q : Will Em-8ER have PVP in it?
A : Not right away, having both PVP and PVE makes things much harder to balance in a game, PVP will probably be added at some point after development, another reason for not having both right away is the limited ressources available to us for developing Em-8ER. We sadly do not have hundreds of millions available to spend, we also wish to deliver the game without too much wait for our friendly and supportive community.
There will however be a "Duel" function where you will have the ability to challenge another player to a duel, if they accept of course. This will turn PVP on for both players until one of the two is defeated.

Q : What will be the main activities in EM-8ER?
A : In EM-8ER, players will have access to 3 core features, The most important and focused on being Fighting invasions, the other 2 core features will be THMPING and crafting, We prefer to focus on those 3 due to both our limited budget and to avoid going off track from what we're looking to make.

Q : Will EM-8ER have classes you can select?
A : No, you will have access to 3 main omniframe archetypes, Heavy, Medium and Light Omniframe, each will have it's basic advantages and disadvantages over others, but the rest will be fully up to the player! Customisation will not only be cosmetic. For exemple by selecting the Light Omniframe, you will be able to customise it to specialise in things such as engineering or acting as a recon sniper for your team.
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Jul 26, 2016
Q: Will there be crafting?
A: Yes. A sheet ton of it! You can check it out here [insert link to crafting thread/blog] with more details inbound.

Q: Is there any compensation for Firefall backers?
A: Yes. Please see https://forums.em8er.com/threads/fi...r-to-offer-full-credit-for-founder-packs.666/

Q: What will the PC specs be to run Em-8ER?
A: We haven't announced specs yet, however we'll be focusing on a wide range of hardware.


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Q: What is a THMPR?
A: A THMPR is a large mining robot that can be used to extract resources from the environment. Players will have to protect it from enemies while it finishes mining before escorting it back to a friendly location to drop off the resources.

Q: Is Em-8ER going to have levels and vertical progresion?
A: In some form or another there will be levels and vertical progression, however it is expected to remain relatively minor. The main goal will be in expanding the possible range of equipment and frames you can build to give more options through horizontal progression in the longer run.

Q: Will there be raids or instanced encounters?
A: There are currently no plans for instanced missions like raids or dungeons. Em-8ER will focus on being an open world game with players fighting in a war against the Tis-Hu. In order to allow for a larger variety of areas to play in there will however be separate world zones that the player will have to load between.


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Jul 26, 2016
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Q: Will EM-8ER have a story/lore?

A: Absolutely! See the most recent "Lore Drop" here: https://em8er.com/lore-drop-em-8er

The lore is tied into a novel Mark Kern wrote. It's going into the Crixa tabletop rpg and will be the backstory to EM-8ER. The game is based in the Crixa universe.


Q: Will there be character customization in EM-8ER?

A: Yes. Character customization and gear will be an essential part of EM-8ER.


Q: How will EM-8ER be monetized?

A: It will be a pay to play game with a cash shop for cosmetics.


Jul 26, 2016
Q: What is Em8er?

A: A Massive Planetary Wargame where players operate mechs on a distant planet to do things such as mine (which is referred to as Thumping), build bases, and terraform (convert portions of the planet to habitable atmosphere). Think Planetside 2 but PvE and jetpacks and more stuff to do.

Q: What is/was this Firefall that I keep hearing about?

A: Firefall was Mark Kern (AKA Grummz) first attempt at this kind of game. It started out ok, but tanked to the point where Grummz was let go, and only went down from there. Currently it looks abandoned, however it appears there are some phantom devs keeping the game on life support. None of that is important, all you need to know is that Grummz tried this, failed, and learned from his mistakes.

Q: This sounds an awful lot like an MMO. Why not call it that?

A: the term “MMO” is often associated with games such as WOW that have vertical progression, subscription access, multiple characters, and the like. Therefore, we do not use that term for this game for 2 reasons: first, we are not targeting the traditional MMO players, so saying it’s an MMO and then varying greatly from traditional MMOs may turn a great many players off. And second, using the term may mislead existing supporters into thinking it will be a traditional MMO.
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Max Kahuna
Max Kahuna
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Jul 29, 2016
Q) Is there, or will there be a subscription?
A) No, playing on our servers is absolutely free.

Q) Will there be a virtual currency to visualize my character?
A) Yes, we will be selling non-power cosmetic, utility and vanity items through our in-game store. Skins, decals, pets, etc.

Q) Will there be a resource based currency like Crystite?"
A) No, currency is probably going to be independent of Resources in Em-8ER.
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Jul 26, 2016
Q) I would like to do a Let's Play/Stream of your game. What do I have to do?
A) You may stream/create videos right away. We grant a limited license to stream/create Em-8ER videos for the purpose of discussing or helping promote the game.

(Please correct, if something is not right ;) )
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