A Lesson in Combat: Champions Carnival (OOC)

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    MOSTLY this is to teach the basics of RP fighting and I do mean BASICS. No magic, no tech, no nothing I mean REAL TO EARTH fighting now for some story.

    The idea is that somewhere along the line some "Genius" decided to say "hey what'd sell well on TV" fights, lotsa fights. More specifically fights with no boundaries, styles, weight classes, all are welcome to come into the sport and fight if they are brave enough, hence the name the champions carnival. Now as for the rules.


    1: ALL FIGHTS are to be decided BETWEEN the two players, this is to inspire a sense of trust, and respect amongst those during fights. Not every fight is one that can be won and you have to have the humility to suck up and accept that sometimes. Same as during the fight knowing when to take a hit and when to dodge are also nessecary and sometimes going back and fixing mistakes if there is a disagreement are struggles but a good way to build that sense of humility.

    2: While the fights will be decided between the two, I EXPLICITLY will be in charge of final call on any disagreements HOWEVER that does not mean I do not promote and OPEN discussion between everyone to try and express their ideas. Remember this is an RP yes but more importantly a Learning oppertunity and there is no better way to learn than to hear the opinion of others.

    3: I mean it when I say realistic. If what you describe isn't POSSIBLE (and trust me there are some things that DON'T seem possible in real fights. Muy Thai man...muy Thai) then I'll ask you to either revise the writing of the post after discussing with you (and the partner) or to see what the mistake was in order to fix it. But yeah don't think you're gonna get away with a simple "I ducked or, Sidestepped" Not only does that make it boring but it also lessens your ability to really enjoy a fight. If you take no damage then you aren't really understanding the concept here.

    4: You can choose ANY style of fighting you wish, you can even mix match if you know what you like. Keep in mind that this fighting is going to be limited to melee combat only and less than lethal weapons in the melee class as well. However with the Attribute system I will explain, your style has to make sense with the attributes you chose. Such as, if you chose to max out everything but strength but chose WRESTLING as your style choice, I would be laughing at you. The whole WORLD would be laughing at you. But all jokes aside it's gotta make sense.

    5: Melee weapons CAN be used, but only if it's decided by both parties that it's something they want to explore. The use of weapons can add a LOT of variables on a fight such as overall range, and striking power and things like that BUT it can also raise the challenge and make things far more fun and interesting. Only thing is, absolutely no firearms or pepper spray or electrically charged items. Melee weapons in the very DEFINITE means of that. Police baton sure, Police taser. No. Get outta here.



    These are the skills that your fighter will have trained in or are well versed in. There are Five Categories and each has a ten point maximum value. One being, a very MINIMAL use or even lack of knowledge or training in, where Ten, the exact opposite means an almost DEVOTION to the skill in question now. you CAN use zero as a number if you like but keep in mind zero means zero, so take that into account. The Categories are.


    This is your run of the mill idea of strength, DO YOU EVEN LIFT BRO?!
    but seriously, the strength of strikes, grappling moves, cliches, you name it, it falls under this category. It's pretty run of the mill and the higher your strength the higher your damage output and such but just keep in mind that for a MAX strength there's gotta be some give and take. Meaning you've gotta be a BIG boy, to use max strength. I.e. I swear to god if you're running a 5'6" Muy-thai champ and he's got max strength im gonna Laugh at you. Because that makes zero sense in the scheme of things. But we can see what we can do about that rule accordingly if you can explain it properly as to why.

    (scale): 1- Low focus on strength, less than average or measly body strength. 5- A decently above average individual, not ripped or anything like that but certainly capable of actually GETTING into a ring and delivering strong blows. 10- A Juggernaut of a man or woman a heavyweight hitter and usually reserved for that weight class, also mad grappling skills when it comes to wrestling or ground oriented fighting styles.


    The overall movement speed and ability to move out of or into danger. This also applies to striking speed with hands or legs and can conversely be used as a means to completely out do your opponents Stamina. While ultimately it is decided by your opponent when that ends this will decide where you stand in the ring when it comes to moving around inside of it.

    (Scale) 1- A snail's pace, able to move around certainly But it's clear racing isn't your forte, nor your secondary choice of activity. 5-The average joe level of motion for fighting, dodges, decent hands, you can fight. 10- Say hello to Muhammad Ali version 2.0 hands so fast you can't see them, Outside your vision in an instant. Truly a speedster in every meaning of the word.


    The key to any fighter is there ability to read their opponent and react accordingly, whether or not you see the blow coming means everything in most fights, even the ability to read if they plan on ground movements or simply seeing their movements at all. Pretty self explanatory again, your reflexes are everything in a fight and you had better hope they are sharp. However, don't get it in your head that just because you can SEE a strike coming means you can completely dodge it or block it. Even if muscle memory comes into play some individuals will just be that much faster, or more damaging that as a fight wears on it won't matter how much you can see them. If you can even see them at all.

    (Scale) 1-Things move by at a snail's pace...you probably don't have the greatest face as it's likely been hit a few too many times. 5- An average reaction time for an average fighter you can bob and weave with the rest of them but there's always room for improvement. 10- Every punch is in 'slow motion' every movement a telegraphed one, you can see exactly where they are coming from but you'd better hope you have the skill to react accordingly.


    The ability to think ahead, plan a course of action and take it accordingly. Many fighters say that fights are a game of the mind while many would argue it's one of the heart and body. Regardless no fighter should go into the ring without some sort of plan, no matter how small or simple. The ability to think of a plan on the go is a gift and those with the intelligence to do so are usually not seen in the ring. But that doesn't mean there aren't the odd ones here and there capable of such a feat. However all well laid plans can fall apart and it should be noted that no plan is ever perfect.

    (Scale) 1-Hit, or get hit, there's really no more to it then that charge in, break them. 5- You have a game plan, you know your strengths and to an extent your weaknesses, but it's gonna take a few rounds to understand your opponent's style and have it down pat for sure. 10- You came into this match with a DOCTOR'S level of precision for how you're going to tear this person apart, contingencies on contingencies for whatever they might be able to throw at you.


    The strength to keep fighting at all, or even enter the brutal world of the ring in the first place as it is not for the faint of heart. It would be foolish to consider not having any sense of what you're getting into and giving it your all. Many of the best fighters are those who never give up, never surrender. And most of all, always choose to get up no matter how badly it hurts. Of course there's only so much the body can take before the spirit of one person crumbles under the weight of the damage.

    (Scale) 1- Wait....what the hell are you even doing in the ring? Why are you here? you hate fighting. You'd better have a good reason for this. Scared of even taking punches. 5- you've trained, you've worked hard, now it's time to put that to the test. Let's just see what you can do and hope for the best here. 10- You, are undoubtedly leaving this ring the winner, you have no doubt in your mind because you don't have time for it, even if they knock you down, break your bones, or your muscles stop. YOU WILL NOT. give up this fight to anyone.
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    As I said before each attribute has ten levels, and your fighter, however you choose to make them. will OBEY whatever attributes you have given them and Trust me when I say I will be watching like a hawk. You decide how you want your fighter to be. But you will also Fight, win, and lose, by the numbers that you decide.

    As a start every single character you make can start with 30 free points. To add, mix and match, however you wish! If you win a match, you GAIN a point to spend as you please until you have a total of FOURTY used (though I seriously doubt this will continue for ten fights per person though i'd be super happy if it did.)

    Now, how will fights be decided and the order decided? well I guess that really just depends on your characters and who you WANT to fight. If there is enough interest and want I would be more than happy to open up a tournament if that's what people want.

    As for CHARACTERS, please by all means feel free to use characters you already have just make sure you understand where they stand AS FIGHTERS. Make new ones, use old ones it really doesn't matter to me in the end of the day. The story isn't really all there as this IS an attempt at trying to further people's ability to happily engage in fights in RP fairly and with respect for your and your opponent's character. And I wanted to try something rather regulated yet simple as well.

    For any other questions please feel free to PM me and you have ALL signed up for the rules so they are also to be respected here.

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