a good thing to keep in mind...


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Jul 26, 2016
when thinking about kaiju boss mechanics (I posted this in Discord but I'm putting it here to ensure you guys get it. Sorry for the repeat)

TL:DR it talks about, among other things, how there isn't just one way to beat the boss, but multiple ways. I can't really explain it well because I'm not sure I fully undrstand it, I do think it's a good thing for Em8er. Watch it. Watch eeeeeeeeet.


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Aug 14, 2016
To this day the Deus Ex (the first one for PC) is still in my personal top 10 games of all time list. Deus Ex is less of a game and more of an experience. This because each map and mission was made like one large puzzle. You start here and your goal is to get here or do this, and the game doesn't care how you do it as long as you do it. People praised Undertale for being a game that you can bet without killing anyone. But Deus Ex did that back in the year 2000. This was because there was ways to skip bosses (as in you know the boss is in this room, so you just don't go into that room. Hell, craw into the air vents and come out in the next room over.), or you can trick the NPCs into fighting each other by hacking their systems and giving them false orders or just paying off NPCs to look the other way when you come by, or you can avoid a fight by talking to the boss and coming to some kind of agreement as why you shouldn't fight (if you play your cards right you could even get the boss to join you or you could join them.) The game's story toke different paths based on the things you did. For example, let's say when walking into an back alley you run across a prostitute in need of help, you have to help her and ignoring her is an option, but say you do help her and you help her get to an hospital safely. In most games that would be the end of it, you get some good guy points and move on. But not in Deus Ex because now she can show up on later levels and she remembers what you did (if she didn't get killed or died in the first level) and if you are on friendly terms she can be big help in your missions and goals. Because she is friends with other prostitutes and homeless people. Given how most people don't think twice about the poor and underclass you can use them like spy network. After all, you might not have been able to find hidden air vent into a high security office building if was not for the homeless guy telling you about it because he sleeps near that vent on cold days. Or you might not know the password or combo to a hidden safe if if was not friends with a prostitute who is sleeping with one of the guards or higher ups in the company.

Ok, I think I'm getting off topic here. But my point is, making levels and missions like giant puzzles that players can complete in other own way is great way to make a lasting memory in the player's mind and heart. Because how many other games do you know where of where you have the open to stop a fight before it even starts just by talking to people. Or avoid having to fight someone because you hacked the security system to look them in a room or make it so their I.D. tag no longer worked?


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Jul 27, 2016
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Agree with you folks but not great with puzzles still having the choices to tackle something differently makes the way we play that much more interesting and rewarding to those who want to try something different if they cannot seem to with 1 way.

-Hacking - using devices to make it go on your side or just self destruct etc
- Agreement - exchange item to opposing npc but could make them more powerful as a result! etc
- Ambush / trap - base trap, platoon of mechs dropped from the sky, etc
- Avoid / Hide / - camouflage, stealth, secret room, etc
- Misdirection / Hologram - clone of self, change into a rock with holographic tech, etc
- super weapon - time it right and unleash mass POW
- capture - Take control of the boss extremely difficult but not for all bosses using a device players
must use at once timing is important.
- Non-lethal takeout / environment - using ways to defeat boss without killing such as pushing them off cliffs into the water for a swim and they become frozen etc :D

I wonder how many ways there could be and how well they could work in the game?
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