75K Reached! BIKES unlocked. NEW GOAL Combat Music!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Grummz, Jul 3, 2017.

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  1. Grummz

    Grummz Administrator Ember Dev

    NEW $85,000 STRETCH GOAL!
    Combat Music by Michael Bross!

    We've blasted past our 75k stretch goal, so now it's time to announce our 85k goal! Michael Bross, Audio Director and Lead Composer for Firefall, will compose the combat music for the game and the playable mockup!


    All backers will also receive (at final game), the Tiki Torch group emote. Throw down a sci-fi Tiki torch and all nearby Omniframes will dance, along with player characters. The Tiki torch will play a popular Em-8ER in-joke (as an option): a classic sea shanty modernized and sung by Grummz himself. For more in-jokes and fun, don't forget to join us on our Discord server: https://discord.gg/A8jsTfU


    You did it! We've reached 75k with Paypal counted. You've unlocked the one and only bike that will ever be made for Em-8ER and ONLY available to backers of this round. If you want this bike, this will be the ONLY time to get it EVER in the game. Just back for $1 (current backers already receive this unlock) and have this epic bike that will be able to hold 2 character player riders (concept still being refined so additional seat will be added).

    You've also funded the invasion mockup: a non playable Unreal exe that shows what an invasion looks like. This will be used to add to our THMPR playable mockup and filmed together for our Kickstarter video.

    Congratulations backers! New backers, pledge now to receive ALL the stretch goals noted here (Max and Kaiju Slayers have some exclusive stretches not available to everyone)
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  2. AdmiralStryker

    AdmiralStryker Firstclaimer

    Let's keep going folks!
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  3. Speedy93

    Speedy93 Deepscanner

    Nice, good old Tiki torches now improved with Grumz <3
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  4. Jansin3

    Jansin3 Terraformer

    That would be really cool if we reached 85k goal
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  5. Mizogin

    Mizogin New Member

    Hoho, 75K is great! But another 10K in 2 days, dunno, that's kinda way too optimistic :)
  6. Harven

    Harven Deepscanner

    We can make it everyone come on !
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  7. Silv3r Shadow

    Silv3r Shadow Gatestrider Max Kahuna Kaiju Slayer

    We need Michael Bros!
    Or even David sadowski :p
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  8. Thunderstrike

    Thunderstrike Player One Omni Ace

    Might be an idea to stop doing stretch goals after this, so that there's some money left in reserve in case anything goes wrong. Still though, glad we've got Bross and Post back :D
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  9. q4TEKS

    q4TEKS Deepscanner

    85k for new tiki torch!
  10. Serevn

    Serevn Firstclaimer

    I need the Tiki Torch in my life again.
  11. Liberator

    Liberator Deepscanner

    Used to be fun if we had three or four of us there with the torches, we could keep it going forever.
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  12. SunBlitz

    SunBlitz Emberite

    Hey, super grateful Tsi-Hu Hunter backer here - I almost didn't get my paycheck in time to take part but it came in with a day to spare, thankfully. Here's hoping we blast through 85k on this home stretch!
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