3D Mesh, textures, animation, community/development lead


Jan 14, 2019
Hello friends!

So I don't really have a formal portfolio like I should. It has been more of a hobby / freelance commission thing for me in a pretty specific field.

I developed mesh, animations, and did some light programming to make things work the way I want in a game called SecondLife for what we called the military community, where I was a community leader/developer and also have my own store that is popular with the scifi community.

I primarily lead the charge over 15 years in combat systems like infantry weapons, medieval weapons, ground, air, fleet vehicles, props, jetpacks, sci-fi gadgets, HUD systems, anything you could think of that has been in a game, I probably made it at some point and more while simultaneously being a commander of several player made factions and my own.

The military community there has become very toxic so I guess I am just looking for a more productive outlet to develop cool stuff for people to enjoy.

Here is a few crude examples. I know it isn't very professional but I think I will start working on that part now that I am looking elsewhere.


There is a link to my store in that game where I sell commercial products. I do all the work on each item and advertising there, so I have some experience with all sorts of things in a development setting.


Here is a link to my very outdated Instagram.

Can't really showcase my animating, but it mostly involved custom weapon holding, aiming, or swinging. Standing poses with breathing. Other various poses for vehicles and furniture. Any poses my characters above are in are animated by me.

The programs I am most familiar with to do work in are Blender, Photoshop, and Substance Painter.


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