2D 3D artist / Marketing / VFX / Post production / Compositing

Feb 25, 2020
Hi, my name is Yann
I am a senior 2d artist (26 years of pixel)
I contact you to know if you have someone in charge of the visual assets ?

To be simple, creating teaser, assets for teaser, with what you have in stock.
And add 300% quality on post productions and creating more hype for your future player base.

I have worked on my own video game this last 4 years and i know creating good assets for networks is not easy at all.

For 20 years i worked for many luxe brands same as (cartier, lancom, chanel, swatch ...)
I have done many commercial shots between 1998 to 2008 and 1 world event.
Unfortunetly my work was saved in Flash then it is complicated to show you that.

I will be very interested to work with your team, and help to create any assets you need for marketing & networks.

I can help with the 2d environement ingame and interfaces.
25 years with photoshop help a lot to create anything.

Concerning the compositing / VFX / teaser ... i have started a new artstation
I will create more for the next months to come.

I have in mind for example the last teaser you realead with CRODUS and i can assure you if i have this i my hands the teaser will get destruction building, city on fire, a way better visual aspect and so on.
It will give more impact and punch to your marketing.

Another things you can have in mind, i have played every games on earth who have mechs, spaceships, robots, seen any movies on the subject from 1956 to yesterday and i am a TPS gamer. And i was on Firefall.
This help to understand the project a lot.

I can create 3D objects too, but i prefere stay close to the 2D, Compositing and VFX because i am very good there.
Reaching 45 years this year, i will be more usefull for you knowing how to enhance your creations for marketing.
This does not prevent my skills to be usefull on other subjects, of course.

VFX : https://www.artstation.com/sandre
Video game : https://hugeenemy.itch.io/huge-enemy
OLD WORK : https://www.deviantart.com/skullcompany/gallery

Have a good day.

Yann Pennaneac
[email protected]

ALL PRINT READY TO USE2.jpg Midnight City #6.jpg Pure power preview.jpg ORIUM #3.jpg ORIUM #6.jpg ORIUM #7.jpg ORIUM #8.jpg