100 Player Stress test FEEDBACK Thread!

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Jul 26, 2016
Hello fellow Reapers,

If you're playing the latest build with the 100 players, depstryke, overthrust, and mid air glide this is where you let us know what you think!

Also please report all bugs here as well!

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Jun 4, 2017
When I hold right mouse while gliding my avatar shits in the air to the side, then when I release right mouse it shifts back again to normal.

Same if I am just free falling - basically the sneaky walk in air is a spontaneous shift in the air.

I think it may just be a shift of the camera view - as I seem to not move in the world, just it makes it look like I am shifting in the world.
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Jul 27, 2016
California, CA

Deepstryke: I preferred FF's crater ability that maintained some of the horizontal velocity of the player. Deepstryke's immediate halt of horizontal doesn't feel fluid to me. In FF, combining Afterburning with Crater for the perfect arch was so satisfying.

Overthrust: would be cool if we could use it while grounded too
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Jul 26, 2016
A few suggestions.

Right click while gliding should put you into camera mode so you can aim and shoot while gliding

Deepstrike (and other future abilities) should be trigger-able while gliding.

Jumpjets need to be slightly more powerful

Currently using gliders gives you a huge forward push. If keeping that I would recommend expending all jumpjet energy into variable (based on consumed) forward momentum, but should recharge slowly while gliding

Jumpjet energy should regen much faster while standing still.

Landing while gliding can give you crazy forward momentum that is difficult to counter. Have frame come to a horizontal halt on landing, or at least slow down to max regular forward movement.

Terrain locations somewhat larger than the omniframe is difficult to land on because of low responsiveness of jumpjets, this isn't Mario! Same issue as above perhaps, allow the Omniframe to dig into the ground when it lands so players can stabilize rather than slide along the ground (and over cliff edges)
May 25, 2017
Small bug here, Setting the fps limit to unlimited after setting it to 120 will prevent me from seeing anyone after restarting the game and, most of the time, I will be logged as Fred.
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Jun 25, 2018
Under Hi-G turning, the character starts stuttering. Background seems to stay smooth.

Also, if your running, holding shift, and jump, when you finish your jump, you'll be jogging, even if you are still holding the shift key to run. You have to release and repress shift to start running again.
Sep 2, 2017
Realy not easy to play with English keyboard on French keyboard. Hope quickly a possibility to programms his keys, maybe other contries arent representative actualy in game because it s the begining but remermber this picture ;-)

View attachment 3248
You can use ATNsoft key remapper https://atnsoft.com/keyremapper/ for to remap your keys in the way you want or need, you can even set different key maps for different games


Jul 26, 2016
Everything else is good, except the game breaking bug that makes you face forward or stuck in
frontward frame position. I do agree with someone up there, make the thrust usable on ground
as a small nitro of some sort. But otherwise good and stability server as well since we hit cap.
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Jul 27, 2016
I love the new feel of the glider - it seems faster and more maneuverable. I would like to regen energy while gliding, but I sort of understand why we might now be able to. Having the jump pad with the new "afterburner" lets me reach awesome heights without using jets so with practice I can live with it. I'm having so much fun in this demo!

I did run into a bug (which I have contacted Grummz about). I just wanted to let others know if you can't see other players, try lowering your FPS in the demo settings and logging out and then back in.



Jul 26, 2016
Planet Tölva
- Fuel regen should work either at all times and at the same rate, or should be a bit faster while grounded, there is no reason to over-complicate such basic things;
- "Afterburner" should work from any character state (flying, standing still, gliding, etc.);
- "Crater" feels the same as it was back in the closed beta days, except slower, no real complains;
- Again, too much inertia on jetting and moving, feels like the character is drunk on the moon trying to ice skate.
Aug 30, 2019
Loving the flight mechanic, however I encounter a small bug where after a while I couldn't glide when pressing shift.
Running on the ground could use the nitro boost to for faster running.
Pressing E for quick landing sometime bounce me back up which is pretty cool but I don't think it suppose to do that.
Oct 26, 2016
  • Deepstryking (both versions) on a slope will make you slide down the slope, impact once you reach more horizontal ground, and continue running in the same direction as the last movement before the impact with the ground.
  • Deepstryking (both versions) onto another player will sometimes cancel the deepstryke and begin the flailing-arms falling animation. This is probably triggered by the omniframe under the deepstryking player moving out of the way.
  • [Possibly solved. Couldn't test.] Alt+Tabbing in a CPU intensive area can cause the game to freeze. The only fix is to force close the game. (i.e. Task Manager)
  • Jump-jet sound effect and flame animation continues to play even after releasing the space bar.
  • Rubberbanding and input lockout near top edges of hills/cliffs. (ping was ~100)
  • Directional movement lockout after deepstryking very close to the ground.
  • [intended?] Jump-jet fuel does not regenerate while mid-flight (gliding) or while free-falling.
  • A pale circle appears in the sky when looking directly upwards.
  • The animation for the special/alternate deepstryke has a large burner flare at the end of the recovery/standing part of the animation.
  • Omniframe assumes a "back flop" pose (opposite of a belly flop) when diving (gliding) straight down.

Suggestion for gliding and jump-jetting:
  • Jumping doesn't propel the Omniframe high enough to make jumping over small (omniframe-height) rocks and hills while running viable. (limiting ground-based movement) I recommend an increase in jump height by a factor of 1.5×. Alternatively, make rubble and rock formations on the ground smaller or less steep—allowing the Omniframes to stomp up the sides instead of coming to a stop.
  • Make the jump-jets activate sooner after jumping. They currently activate at the apex of the jump—when vertical velocity is zero. The jump-jets then have to fight inertia to regain the upward velocity given by the jump. I recommend changing the jump-jet activation time to when the upward velocity has diminished to half of its initial velocity.
  • If jump-jet fuel only regenerates on the ground, then please make it regenerate faster. Jump-jets are essential for movement even while on the ground. The rocky and uneven ground we have in the current map is difficult to navigate on just the omniframe's feet.
    • Currently, I'm experiencing far more negative incentives in movement than positive incentives. Moving along the ground is cumbersome due to the uneven terrain. It often requires the use of jump-jets to maneuver over or around obstacles. I want to be in the air so that I can get away from the painful trek across the ground. Once I'm in the air, however, I have the limited jetting fuel looming in the back of my mind. The long glides are fun, but I know that I had to sacrifice jetting fuel to ascend high enough to make the air travel possible. This can be mitigated by creatively using abilities to gain height, but it doesn't solve the underlying issue—it forces the player to either sacrifice fun combat-focued abilities or the ease of one's movement across the ground. I know that I have to spend those annoying seconds on the ground recharging my jetting fuel if I want to fly again.
      I find ground travel arduous and both gliding and jump-jetting overshadowed by the need to touch the ground to refuel.
    • Gliding feels very responsive and enjoyable. I feel confident flying around, under, and over obstacles because of how rapid the turning can be. Thus, the map can be smaller or have more obstacles without the map feeling small. In comparison, the slow movement of the Onmiframe when jump-jetting—the long time it takes to change direction and the difficulty of performing fine adjustments to land on a specific spot—makes the map feel too small. The ledges on the solitary rock formations don't feel wide enough, the coral plants seem to have narrow strips on which you can land, and recovering from a slip off the edge of a cliff is an arduous, time-consuming task. This lack of dexterity makes the map feel smaller than it actually is by frustrating the player's attempts at precise movement near the ground.
      My personal preference is to have these two reversed. Make the gliding turns slower so that the Omniframes feel agile, yet weighty, while focusing the jump-jets toward fine adjustments of the Omniframe's position.

It's worth noting that in the current build, it takes about 8 seconds to completely empty the jump-jet fuel and about 15.5—16 seconds to completely recharge the jump-jet fuel.

Suggestion for an alternative jetting system:
  • Jump-jets regerate quickly while on the ground, say ~10 seconds to go from empty to full for the sake of argument. (easy math, and it would take longer to regenerate than it does to burn in the current demo.)
  • Jump-jets regenerate slightly slower when free-falling with no movement input, say ~12 seconds to fully recharge.
  • Jump-jets regenerate yet slower when free-falling (no space bar) with movement input, ~15 seconds to fully recharge.
  • Gliding has no cooldown, but has a jump-jet cost to activate, perhaps 10% of max fuel, and jump-jets recharge at a significantly slower rate: 20-30 seconds for a full recharge.
    • This would add a bit of consistency to the game mechanics, specifically the directional velocity instantly imposed on (since it overwrites all other velocities and momentums) the Omniframe.
    • The player would also be able to use their slightly recharged jump-jets to control the Omniframe's landings or climb those last few meters to the top of a cliff they were trying to land on from (for example) across a canyon.
    • This would, however, require a static UI element to show the player where the minimum fuel level for glider activation is. This could be accomplished by—if using a static gauge, like the markings on a graduated cylinder or thermometer—a thicker line near the bottom of the meter, or—if retaining the current arc of bars—a bar of a different size (e.g. a rectangle that is longer in the horizontal direction than the others) or a change in coloration. (e.g. the bars representing the last 10% of fuel are permanently colored red.)
These numbers would need to be tweaked to accomodate other factors of gameplay such as intended time spent on a Kaiju, speed/resource cost of skimming, and how difficult or hazardous the terrain is to Omniframes

I love glide-on-demand. I think it would be better if it didn't have as long of a cooldown, but there's a lot I'm not considering.
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Omni Ace
Omni Ace
Jul 27, 2016
This demo has officially started to make me really excited. I love the fact that "gliding" is a skill now. That's epic. The movement and running feels more fluid and realistic. Totally loving the direction this is going and can really start to see how the game is going to shape up -- I'm definitely encouraged.

It'd be nice to be able to use the "boost" skill while running for an overcharge. As well as having your vertical booster ability recharge as you're either flying or falling; that'd be incredible. I also noticed that right out of fast flight, boosting or even jetpacking would stop some of the velocity and sort of snap you back to baseline levels.

Overall, excited. Super pumped to see how everything is going to shape up!!
Mar 1, 2017
I reiterate on what I previously said. Some directionality or momentum conservation for Deepstryke would be great and a bit more resilient gliding, as in you don't stall as quick and are better able to rise again after a deep dive.


Feb 13, 2017
Weird bug with switching to 120 fps cap option, Gliding and position registration seems to be weird. Locking you to a location based on initial thrust it seems.
It only seems to not be happening on low settings for me, all other ones seem to proc it, I'll try figure out which option it is exactly
Edit: It's directly linked to 3d resolution setting it seems (use it to reproduce)
Edit: nvm, in order to reproduce, pick one of the higher graphical profiles and 120fps cap
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