voice actor

  1. ToyaVA

    Voice Actor for hire

    Hey there, my names Toya and I'm a voice actor from Oklahoma. I have experience in sound engineering and ADR. My home set up is a Focusrite Clarette 4Pre, a Neumann 102 condenser microphone, and I use Protools to edit my audio. Here's my demo reel. I hope you like it! email...
  2. JonathanDavidBullock

    Professional Voice Talent - Portfolio Submission for Consideration

    Hey there Em-8er (Ember) Team! I have been a professional voice talent for over 7 years. I've worked in various aspects of the voiceover industry: from Video Games and Animation, to Commercial and Promo. I've honed my craft alongside various voice talent such as Lucien Dodge and other longtime...