1. NaleelDragneel

    Omniframe Build Creative Corner and Kaiju Mechanic Brainstorming

    A light frame with minimal shielding a hella lota power and a portable railgun with some sort of (vibro?) scifiblades Will kaiju take extra damage for being hit in say a critical weak point? Say an eye or the head? Would kaiju have different weak points for different weapons? Like would a weak...
  2. EvilKitten

    Is there a good reason for 3 frames?

    So far the only information I know about the 3 different frames is that the light can use 2 melee weapons, the medium can dual wield secondary weapons and the heavy can equip a shield. Beyond that I assume there will be a number of abilities restricted to each frame. My question as the title...
  3. Dracomon

    Player-Omniframe Interactions?

    I was actually thinking about how we'd be interacting with Omniframes. -When an Omniframe is called, would it be better to automatically get into it or have it be sent down like a THMPR and we'd have to walk up to it and interact with it in order to use it. -Would "Sentry Mode" be viable...
  4. Gonad Pony

    Jetpack ideas, loadouts, and more!

    With @Grummz working hard on getting test versions of the jetpacks going I know he's been looking for a lot of feedback. I love jetpacking in games, and love being able to customize my character to no other, but what if there were different jetpacks to equip? Maybe some only acieveable by higher...
  5. NaleelDragneel

    Omni-frame Calldown Times

    I am probably asking a question someone else already has but just in case it hasn't been asked would omni-frames take longer to call down the farther you are from the nearest base?
  6. Kaoseater

    KaosEater Returns, do I even art bro?

    Hi FF vets and em-8er fans, I'm back in the art forums. After lurking and lurking, let's try some Frame art. Omniframe WIP. More at:
  7. Terricon4

    Dropship Time!

    What's better than running into battle on foot? Flying into battle on an aircraft! What's better than flying into battle on an aircraft? Dropping into the battle from SPACE! With that general mindset and the idea that the gatestriders would likely be doing lots of regular transportation to and...
  8. Terricon4

    Heavy Omniframe model (probably animated later)

    Among (many) other things I had started work on the omniframe, and decided to do the heavy set of exterior armor/feet/hands first. Was figuring I'd wait to rig and animate it a bit before I posted it but... I feel like I'll be distracted and that that might take awhile so.... here. EDIT from...
  9. NightStroke

    Suggestion for Omniframe "Class" System: Combing the Tech Tree with Limitless Choice

    First off, I couldn't really figure out what to call this. It isn't a class system because there is no actual limitation on what any player can equip. Whatever, let's just get into it. There are FIVE archetypes; You all know these as the recon, engineer, biotech, dreadnaught, and assault. There...