1. MattHunX

    The English of the EMBER universe and its (alternate) history!

    Again, this is something I've mentioned before, but didn't really elaborate on. I brought up how in certain sci-fi series they came up with words, both technical terms and slang that are in use in the everyday lives of the people in those fictional worlds. I recently started reading the...
  2. cosmikaizer#3889

    2D: Character, Mecha, Concept design

    Hello everyone. I am mainly a 2D Illustrator and designer specializing in Mecha/hardsurface and Character Design. I've just found out about em-8er recently and thought the idea was amazing! IIRC the concept stage is over, but I thought I'd throw some of my stuff out here. Hope you all like what...
  3. press_b#6355

    2D Artist

    Hey so I've been following the progress of this game in the shadows, would like to be a part of something that's about developing cool titles and art. I worked on mobile games, making icons and character designs, but I'd like to work on something large scale. Stylized art is definitely my...
  4. Torgue_Joey

    Naming Characters in game and other quirks

    One thing I realized about Project Genome and many game has that sh*t too... "TorgueJoe" no space, no underline or whatever WHAT.THE.F*CK. THAT B*TCH MOVE UP THERE. IS AN ABSOLUTE. NO. GO WE WANT TO GIVE OURSELF GOOD AND PROPER NAME. RIGHT? RIIIIGHT? RIGHTPLOSION!
  5. MattHunX

    1 or 2 characters per account? Independent of each other.

    After I returned to Firefall, a year and half later, I was surprised and elated that I had the option to create another character, on the same account, with a different name, starting over. They have separate inventories and I cannot mail items between them. As it should be. My first...