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  1. Aisman_

    Repeating Mining Location Gradually Increases Difficulty

    I like the idea. That would replace upgrading the Thumper, if something like that would get implemented.
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    FireFall Community Memory Dump

    LVL 5 FireFall Steam Badge. Got it today.
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    Lifetime vip account in Firefall

    The Forums for Firefall are down, so no one can check if that is really you. Nothing can be done there.
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    enough skins...

    Yeah like Thorp said. The subscription program is for fans, that like skins. There will only be a one time purchase to access the game.
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    Short Distance Teleport Pads to Replace Glider Pads

    Maybe some kind of emergency teleport pad, that you can place anywhere. You then can activate or deactivate it, if you want to be teleported or not. When activated, it will automatically teleport you to the pad, when you reach a critical amount of hp.
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    Music Producer and Audio Engineer.

    These are all very cool. Good work.
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    Crodus the ultime Monster Kai Ju

    Cant watch the video. It says the user was terminated.
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    Old but Gold.
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    Very catchy and cool song. I feel very emotional when listening to songs from Creo. They just bring up good vibes. This one is his most recent track.
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    Good things about Firefall and some suggestion for the game.

    I really liked the unique Operations. Like Operation Miru with the two paths. Or Operation Hightide. I also really like to just stand at the top of a mountain and look around the map. It was so fascinating.
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    Weapons Demo 1.0 Support

    Sometimes occurred that i had a glowy gun. When tapping right mouse button and immediately sprinting, the gun would just play the loading up effect continuously, even when holstered. And the sliding effect, when landing while gliding, would not stop, when you would slide of a cliff.
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    Enemies and ways for beating them!

    Some Boss/Rare enemy ideas: 1. A fast moving and dodging one, that only uses melee to attack. [Can be killed best when its stunned] 2. One with a shield made out of things being in the open world (eg. trees, big rocks, etc.), that nullifies or denies a percentage of damage. [Best way to take...
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    The *EXPLOSION* rating thread

    Spoilers for people watching the anime "Fire Force" and didnt watch episode 8 yet. At 1:28 is a cool scene. Not really an explosion but still. Kinda reminds me of the FF Meteor Strike.
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    Ay Thx

    Ay Thx
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    Deep Mining decision

    Maybe later, they will add a Deep-Mine structure, that can be build in player bases, that gathers rare resources that are to deep to reach for normal Miner MEK's. Or it just gets the double, triple or quadruple amount of resources that the normal Miner would give you.
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    What is everyone's favourite mythological creature ??

    Mostly Dragons. Cthulhu maybe.
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    [Suggestion] On potential ways to implant old FireFall abilities into Em-8er

    Maybe not a whole frame. Maybe just an old, rusty ability core? And you need to follow some quest steps to get the core working again. For example: Step 1: Go to [insert name of a mechanics group], and let them take a look at the core. Step 2: Find specific resources to reimburst the core with...
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    A few words on resource gathering

    I like the idea of gathering resources from the Tsi-Hu. I mean the have biomass and some others have alien tech on them. Maybe when a big monster is killed, you could gather the tech and biomass for further upgradability of your frame.
  20. Aisman_

    Cosmetics, what if…?

    No market for premium currency items, but maybe like in FF, where you could exchange crystite (the basic currency) into credits and then the credits into red beans (premium currency).