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  1. Shanie

    3 Months Behind on Subscriber Content

    Though I'm trying to keep this focused on the fact that Crixa has, now approaching 1 week to the end of the month, not produced any skins as obligated to since February, I am also concerned with Crixa's CEO's inability to keep off Twitter and focus on game production which, to me, is a warning...
  2. Shanie

    3 Months Behind on Subscriber Content

    Howdy Crixa, The last skin inked for the Subscription program was February. When will we be seeing March, April, and May skins? As the skins are supposed to come out monthly (even if just as concept art for now), some, including myself, are wondering what the delay is. If March, April, and...
  3. Shanie

    Chief Chat "CLAIM STAKES 2" VOD - 8/05/2022 (Builds v1.3.1 and v1.3.2)

    I 100% agree with this. I had no problem with Claimstakes. I have a huge problem with gatekeeping content, or even concepting such a thing this early in development, which essentially wastes time that is better off on something required. If it's truly going to be optional, deprioritize it...
  4. Shanie

    Chief Chat "CLAIM STAKES" VOD - 7/28/2022 - BIG REVEALS!

    I just want to say that other than the solo nature of claim stakes, this sounds fine. I'd prefer groups building a claim stake, myself. Otherwise, I don't understand most of the concern. There's crafting in every MMO, and this is a large-scale war MMO, and team progress feels good. You don't...
  5. Shanie

    Names for the Knee biters

    I kind of like Kneebiters. That's what I'll call them, but maybe that's better as a nickname. I like the term "Gigalings", throwing back to Zerglings a bit, but they're "giga" because they hurt big. Big bite, small boi.
  6. Shanie

    New Em-8er Build - Unreal Engine 5 test!

    Double tapping a direction for a burst of thruster speed requires you to press space bar, or something, and that just doesn't feel very good. I think you should just have to double tap a directional and as long as you're off the ground it will react.
  7. Shanie

    THUMPING RETURNS! First iteration - Feedback

    The larger working area is much nicer but shows a definitive need for a map. The rocks falling from the sky to create a dynamic play-field for thumping is very nice. Keep these kinds of ideas going. The pick-up range for the minerals is a little short and sometimes stuff doesn't get picked up...
  8. Shanie

    Em8ER Merch! Which would you rather see?

    Not sure if this kind of merch is suggested right now. People usually go out of their way to buy a plushie or a waifu pillow for something they have an emotional connection to. Waifu pillows are usually expensive for quality so you want one that you resonate with. Meanwhile the penguin plush...
  9. Shanie

    The Importance of Music

    Pretty sure dynamic music is the plan? Saying this, Square Enix has several fantastic musicians, while Em-8er has one. It's a tall order to make them comparable for now.
  10. Shanie

    Making Damage and Repair Engaging

    Thanks everyone for taking the time to give it a read-through. I want to mention I've never played a "heavy mech" game that didn't have your mech fall apart bit by bit or was vastly more cumbersome the bigger it got. MechWarrior 2 & 3 are very dear to my heart even if they are 25 year old games...
  11. Shanie

    Making Damage and Repair Engaging

    Damage is a big deal to me. It can differentiate a game of numbers to a game of physicality. From "I have 5 health left" to "my Frame is literally falling apart in front of me and there's a fire in the reactor". I'd like to talk a bit about the concept of damage in this game, and how field...
  12. Shanie

    What MMO's are you looking forward to?

    I'm also interested in PSO2: New Genesis. Fast-paced yet feels purposeful, it pulls the fun parts of PSO2, which chiefly to me were the semi-open world environments with 16 people, and expands it to a full-open world with a ton of people. Essentially taking the good parts and underlining them...
  13. Shanie

    Thanks my guy, and also thanks for noticing! :)

    Thanks my guy, and also thanks for noticing! :)
  14. Shanie

    THMPR Encounter FF BETA vs Em8ER

    I think not having to completely monitor the THMPR or you lose everything is actually an advantage to gameplay, and let me explain a bit why. Chiefly, the most major advantage is that you don't have to have a 'wave defense' style gameplay loop which honestly can get very repetitive. Instead...
  15. Shanie

    [LATEST] Hundreds of Tsi-Hu attack!

    0. Definitely agree with this point and I want to add the assault rifle sounds weak. It has no depth, though this should be a gun the size of a human. 1. The missiles let you lock onto targets that are too far to hit if you're flying away from them. 2. Tsi-Hu can stay "looking for player" even...
  16. Shanie

    Omniframe build types: Post your ideas here!

    1) Light Frame 2) Pure mobility 3) Small Reactor 4) Incendiary Rounds, Assisted Targeting 5) Laser Targeting Unit 6) Melee arm, 22 caliber Gatling gun 7) Forward Targeting Unit – This light frame is extremely fast due to its light configuration and its sole purpose is to utilize its Laser...
  17. Shanie

    [LATEST] Pilot Omniframe Demo is now LIVE!

    UI Bug: The damage indicator is very wide on larger than 16:9 monitors.
  18. Shanie

    Firefall's Spiritual Successor...?

    I just want to comment on Global Agenda. Hi-Rez royally fucked up Global Agenda. It became a joke because they began catering to one crowd: No levels (gear points-based) Light Party instance PVE with TF2-style PVP and Agency vs Agency, and then royally botched it, first by adding levels and...
  19. Shanie

    Dumb female presentation

    Crixa currently doesn't have the money to blow hundreds of thousands on a sweet trailer, and it doesn't have a solid art direction in-game at this time so screenshots would be self-defeating (just look at the original videos on the em8er YouTube). What they do have are subscribers that will pay...
  20. Shanie

    Organizing 100 Players Against a Strategic AI

    Howdy Founders Reapers, Let's talk "talk". AKA Communication. AKA Roger Roger. Em8er's servers can currently handle 100 players with some beautiful basic AI. Assuming we're going to hold that 100 player population all the way through release, we're looking at trying to organize 100 players...