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  1. raven0ak

    Ban the person above you

    Banned for complaining about anti-banners
  2. raven0ak

    Feature idea: racing

    I do, it was very fun game back then
  3. raven0ak

    Skeptical of the game

    one reason could be that female avatar is nicer to look at compared to male avatar, to these kind of players character is not their avatar but character to look at
  4. raven0ak

    what will happen after corona????

    Nothing, Corona will never end; vaccines still aint miracle cure, only thing vaccine does is boost your immunity system to combat virus before symptoms come; but immunity system does not exactly prevent you from carrying or spreading said virus rates are down now because its summer ...but come...
  5. raven0ak

    Ban the person above you

    Banned for actual racism toward Tsi-Hus, they are intelligent beings too
  6. raven0ak

    Feature idea: racing

    2ndary mini gameplay loop that becomes available as terrain gets conquered, temp bike race target (similar to how cb-ff had); where bike is timed and vanished if taken outside or race premises (boxed area maybe containing start and finish of region) goal anyways is entertaining short race, not...
  7. raven0ak

    Old Firefall players, please respond!

    Reporting in, loved beta-era of Firefall and hated passionately release version that was firefall by name and skin only (some hideous wannabe wow-clone that had stolen what firefall was)
  8. raven0ak

    Worries about gameplay...

    Some consideration would be event like outdoor bosses (could happen on set day each week or so) , pvp arena (I'd see on this type game it will be more on skill vs gear since gear vice competitors will be more on equal footing), competitions. (could also be "racing" from point a to point b while...
  9. raven0ak

    Suggestion: Multi-server setup

    well, this is largest perk of going VM instead of physical server, virtual machines can be infinitely scaled up and down within hardware specs, beside Vmware there is few other providors such as xenserver and on cloudbased offers both Amazon cloud and M$ azure work wonders (albeit these are...