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  1. Harven

    Omniframe Movement feedback Thread

    Probably for me... I think it feels too light? I cant feel the weight of the omniframe, maybe because everything moves fluidly, nothing is bouncing as if gravity was affecting it, or I dont know I dont animate xd, but I can say it feels light, it doesnt feel as if it was heavy. Maybe before...
  2. Harven

    Art Demo Ships Next Week

    Ok thank you. Well I will try to download a 3rd time and see what happens Edit> NVM, it was my antivirus
  3. Harven

    Art Demo Ships Next Week

    Hi guys, a while back I tried to download the art demo but I couldnt... it says prohibited. It starts downloading but as the download is almost done, it cancels and says it is prohibited. Im deepscanner, am I not supposed to be able to download it? Thanks...
  4. Harven

    Open world with new technologie ?

    Woah thank you! Really nice its still under the radar. It was expected as alot of care is being taken on creating Em8er :)
  5. Harven

    Mission without OmniFrame

    Well its really awesome they have focused their money on whats important. But I will just add to this idea because is awesome! I like the idea of it becoming like a survival game when your omniframe is destroyed, kind of like Dva in Overwatch, but I guess longer. Would be cool if it becomes...
  6. Harven

    Open world with new technologie ?

    I was looking for a post in the forums talking about this before I created a threat about it. It popped in my recommendations in youtube, a guy talking about SpatialOs, so I got very interested in it. It seems by the time this thread was made, it didnt support Unreal Engine? And by the time...
  7. Harven

    Lets bring mechanics from other games to Em8er

    I hope this thread, if people keep using it at all, its not turn into a discussion of originality, or uniqueness. But I do feelthe need to respond to this. You can feel free to respond to it, but hopefuly this topic is not stretched too much. There is no *such* originality in any game. Anything...
  8. Harven

    Lets bring mechanics from other games to Em8er

    Thats crazy, didnt know such thing existed for warframe. I believe Firefall had that once? maybe it was fan made tho... im not sure, or Im allucinating. Not in that level though
  9. Harven

    Red Bean Consortium

    Look closely - - -
  10. Harven

    Red Bean Consortium

    *opens thread* Me: What is going on
  11. Harven

    If you arent paying attention to Warframe, then you arent paying attention to gaming

    I see Mark has talked about the topic, it was pretty evident anyways Mark was inspired by Warframe, and its cool that he credits that :) One other thing I have been researching on Warframe is the monetization system. I have realized that absolutely everything in Warframe, including cosmetics...
  12. Harven

    If you arent paying attention to Warframe, then you arent paying attention to gaming

    That was the title of the video above. To be honest, I havent played Warframe in a very long time. I have tried to get into the game multiple times, and even though it entertains for a while, it gets boring and repetitive pretty quickly. It has always intrigued me how this game only keeps on...
  13. Harven

    HeineSnow Art Related??

    You mean.... ground unit, hype?
  14. Harven

    Lets bring mechanics from other games to Em8er

    Some interesting ideas. So I would like to expand on how I think this Commander mechanic could work. Because Em8er has a futuristic style to it, there are some potential things that it could do. I was watching this video, and I got the idea thanks to it: That was pretty funny but also...
  15. Harven

    Lets bring mechanics from other games to Em8er

    Hi guys! So yes, as the title says. I would like for people to give their ideas as to what mechanics from other games you think would go well in Em8er. I guess many of you have played many games in the past, and knowing the vision of Em8er, what it wants to be, we could take things from those...
  16. Harven

    PvP, how it could work?

    Sorry doublepost. Edit : Deleted last post so nvm. I thought this one said everything I wanted. I preffer PvE games over PvP, just so you dont think otherwise with the answer ill give, but here is why. I believe Em8er needs PvP because, i would say, income, money. The most succesful online...
  17. Harven

    Firefall Founder’s Credit Program for Em-8ER

    Oh ok, I was kind of nervous I had done something wrong even though I remember doing it 100% and it was quite simple to do, too. Thankss!
  18. Harven

    Got 2 guns? Shoot at 2 targets, then!

    What you are saying doesnt really make sense to me. I already read all your replies and I disagree. Both, guns and turrets have exactly the same purposes, and thats what its importsnt in this topic. You might see the details which is the fact that one is being controlled by a human being and...
  19. Harven

    Omniframe Hi-Poly Done. Tsi-Hu Humanoid UPDATE

    I like it before too. V2 specially. Really like the Insect thing going on in there.