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  1. Angel McWalsoft

    THMPR 3d Print

    Have printer. tired of wasting plastic! I am looking for the best orientation for the Torso, I have tried downside up and on its back but both destroy the detail on the back.
  2. Angel McWalsoft

    THMPR 3D online ordering problems

    the problem is the amount of plastic and the amount of time it takes to print the torso. best quality print with all of the supports required to print it. it takes 65g of filament and 24 hrs. So, not surprised about the cost. It also needs to be fixed before they can setup a G-code or you could...
  3. Angel McWalsoft

    Em-8er Movement demo is LIVE!

    OMG!!!! So amazing. I played about 30 minutes and hit the POIs. All i need now is a blaster. I love that there is enough boost and refresh to hover for what feels like forever. Even with reaching maximum altitude there is enough refresh to make a softish landing. Gliding is smooth and...
  4. Angel McWalsoft

    Em-8er - TERRAIN BUILD Live Stream Thread - June 11th, 2019

    It is very reminiscent of it's predecessor. The team did very well. The female Rag-doll needs some help. Love the vistas opening like FF. I found my way to the top of a hill and looked down on the beach, OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait for the next update. I was expecting an Icy wall like a...
  5. Angel McWalsoft

    Forum Colors Tweaked

    #inb4... Good stuff. Very readable on mobile.
  6. Angel McWalsoft

    Friday Update - 17th of Nov

    Sounds like a lot is happening. Thanks for the update.
  7. Angel McWalsoft

    Saturday Update - Omniframe, Characters, Scale Test

    It is going to be amazing. Cannot wait to play. I keep hoping FF will magically come back online, like a love sick school girl, but.... Keep up with the fabulous work. Thanks for the updates.
  8. Angel McWalsoft

    NEW Section - Resources & Crafting

    Common Exchange All resources can be converted to “common exchange units,” simply abbreviated as “CE.” CE is a form of currently in the game, most often used when players contribute resources to common efforts such as base building or terraforming. I would change the word currently to...
  9. Angel McWalsoft

    Happy Birthday Grummz!

    Happy birthday grummz.
  10. Angel McWalsoft

    Backer Update and Omniframe Teaser

    As i was scrolling down and saw the shoulder pod, i knew where this was going... and my Ramen came out my nose.
  11. Angel McWalsoft

    Product Page & New Art POSTED

    If the T.H.M.P.R. is fighting well sized Mini Bosses then how big will are gear be. I mean size wise, are we to fight in personal armor like Dreads, or something 3 or 10 Meters. Great looking concept.
  12. Angel McWalsoft

    Product Page & New Art POSTED

    Fooni sleeps? Not trying to leave you out, but It is kind of an inside thing from FireFall the Forum. the reason is simply that they are In B 4 Fooni.
  13. Angel McWalsoft

    Ember Fanfic/FanArt Corner

    Not sure what kind of stuff we need when we are gathering resources in a toxic environment.
  14. Angel McWalsoft

    JOJO's Fan Art Dump

    I was opposed to the Engi girls in half pants. SOOO, Skirts are for Japanese/Catholic school girls and Scots, no offense intended.
  15. Angel McWalsoft

    Fooni's Art Center

    Fooni was the first person to Revive me, way back in the day. Tornado tossed me like a rag doll near the North Shore Research Station and i dropped at Fooni's feet. My thought was, (that is a fooni name.) #InB4FooniNOT
  16. Angel McWalsoft

    How Mark injured his back over the weekend.

    Larceny is a crime. One should not go about trying to lift printers. If you must lift a printer, why not a desk top model? They are smaller and fit in the boot of most compacts.
  17. Angel McWalsoft

    In Regards to Community submitted content

    First, let me start with the very rare for me, #InB4Fooni. Seriously, I am very excited to hear that someone is interested in creating a game that FF was and was supposed to be. I really enjoyed the closed Beta, the one just before we lost the tech-tree, and we were working towards tier three...
  18. Angel McWalsoft

    Tinkering and Durability

    I am all for busting up some warranty, for increased usefulness. "overclocking" you AR15 is not recommended, neither is loading "Dragons Breath" rounds in your shotgun. Too many DB rounds too close together will warp your barrel. They are fun to play with. I guess the point I am trying to make...
  19. Angel McWalsoft

    So, now what?

    I thought It was our job to critique the game. Even the Moderators should have had input on the way the game was going. sorry jus' say'n. Was the game not supposed to be gamer oriented?
  20. Angel McWalsoft

    Ban the person above you.

    Banned for being OLDer than me here