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  1. DinsdaleP13

    Personal observations on v2 geesuit update

    1. If we can't have popped collars, and wear multiple sunglasses at a time, I'm out. 2. Ribbed for your pleasure. I too, would like a bandoleer. 3. If you get rid of your ass crack, how you gonna poop? You do bring up a good point though. The male geesuit does need molded in Batman nipples...
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    @Wyntyr How could you post that one when the more appropriate one is obviously:
  3. DinsdaleP13

    Derp Ships?

  4. DinsdaleP13

    Players claiming land/renting servers

    One of the main things I saw in the Chief Chat was people thinking that there was going to be game files on player computers, that they could get into, and mess around with. I drew up a very technical schematic to show what I think you really meant about Player Rented Servers. I drew some...
  5. DinsdaleP13

    Cute, funny stuff spam. (No political stuff)

    I've seen how that episode goes before.
  6. DinsdaleP13

    Thumper Skin Ideas

    I still want to be able to put a luchador mask on our THMPRs.
  7. DinsdaleP13

    The Most Recent Micro Updates as of feb 12 2019

    Heeeeey. I resemble that comment.
  8. DinsdaleP13

    Em8ER Mocap CURSE - New Video

    I found the video of what happened after they stopped filming at the gym. RIP Mason.
  9. DinsdaleP13

    Cool and quite possibly inspirational stuff (But no politics)

    Y u do dis to me, @Wyntyr?
  10. DinsdaleP13

    What is your Custom logo!

    Carrot cake time!
  11. DinsdaleP13

    What is your Custom logo!

    I read that, and thought eyepatch. Now that I'm replying, I realize it was a monocle. But, you're getting the eyepatch version anyway.
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    Are....Are you suggesting a heist? 'Cause I'll be part of the crew if you are.
  13. DinsdaleP13

    Female Navel appreciation thread (SFW)

    I don't know about the top half, but I'd like the bottom half of the outfit.
  14. DinsdaleP13

    Permission system for Frames (Suggestion?)

    What's the cleaning procedure between people using them? I'd rather get stomped on, than use one of @Pandagnome 's frames after he's been in it. A good steaming at least, right?
  15. DinsdaleP13

    The Official FillmoreBucks Thread

    Plus, who doesn't like high fives?
  16. DinsdaleP13

    FillmoreBucks Opportunity

    Have at it!
  17. DinsdaleP13

    FillmoreBucks Opportunity

    I want them sweet sweet Filmore Bucks.
  18. DinsdaleP13

    Chief Chat Monday, Nov 5th, 4pm PST - Art Build Discussion

    You have to remember the effects a lower gravity will have on dat ass. You can also drop a THMPR in this build too, and it does the same animation.
  19. DinsdaleP13

    The Official FillmoreBucks Thread

    Combo Necro Thread! Omega Frontiersmen @Fillmore
  20. DinsdaleP13

    FillmoreBucks Opportunity

    Necro thread!