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  1. ARES Five-Five

    Omniframe build types: Post your ideas here!

    Heavy frame Defense, with a secondary in mobility Heavy Teleporter and Shield Wall (the 2 MAMMOTH abilities of Firefall, Thunderdome secondary, and the "Tremor" thingy I can leave it) Shoulder mount? A repeating rocket launcher (think RYNO from Ratchet and Clank) Primary weapon would be a heavy...
  2. ARES Five-Five

    What is Crixa?

    The hardest part is meeting others to play with.
  3. ARES Five-Five

    Ember lore / impressions

    I was planning on writing a short story about investigating an abandoned space station. ;)
  4. ARES Five-Five

    Present yourself!

    ARES Five-Five, I got the email that was spammed across all the Firefall community (I joined Firefall a year ago, so I'm late to the party). I stopped playing when 1) I beat all the content other than "dailies", and 2) Mammoth abilities got nerfed! And yes, my username is essentially a fan...
  5. ARES Five-Five

    Burning Ember

    Don't we all. Oh, by the way, I'm all for random encounters. Just make sure it does not sound like cringe-inducing slash-fanfiction. Yeesh.
  6. ARES Five-Five


    Working on it! ;) That said, things don't usually crystallize (or crystite-ize) in an instant.
  7. ARES Five-Five

    Ember lore / impressions

    Right now, I'm thinking of big guns (I like to think big), be they like miniguns or planet-busting missiles/lasers. And I'm thinking of dangerous indigenous wildlife, some are just pests, while others could make even endgame players tremble or cringe. As for dealing with them, we'd probably use...
  8. ARES Five-Five

    Moderators Incoming. Congrats

    Hooray for people professionally working on managing the forums. Right now is a good warm-up for them, as things are just *starting* to build, but we're not yet at "oh my god this is overwhelming" levels. ...WHEN we get to THAT point, you might need a couple more Moderators. ;)
  9. ARES Five-Five

    Burning Ember

    Just strap me into my over-engineered codpiece with rocket boots, and I'd be happy. OH, and throw in a plasma minigun I can carry, with a close-range teleporter orb, and I'll be right at home. :3
  10. ARES Five-Five

    Ember lore / impressions

    Jump jets did have some cool moments throughout some of the "new" story missions (think less than a year old), but I do seriously LOVE it when design places an emphasis on "verticality".
  11. ARES Five-Five

    Old Firefall players, please respond!

    Exactly! And as I said, seeing as I've only been around for the past YEAR, this gives me a second chance to come in on the ground floor, enjoying all those Founder perks and events and such! :D
  12. ARES Five-Five

    Ember lore / impressions

    So I'm thinking about where WE, the player, drop in from. Are we part of this "Advanced" civilization? Are we from another human faction? Since the only sentient races at this time are humans, that means the only conflicts can come from human to human. Are these cells kind of like sci-fi...
  13. ARES Five-Five

    Old Firefall players, please respond!

    I missed my chance to get into all the cool Beta events when Firefall was new and shiny. I felt like I missed SO much of that magic. It's nice to see there *MAY* be a Second Chance! :3
  14. ARES Five-Five

    Old Firefall players, please respond!

    ARES Five-Five, standing by! :)
  15. ARES Five-Five

    Just jumped ship, still settling in.

    Just jumped ship, still settling in.
  16. ARES Five-Five

    Fooni's Art Center

    Hey, Fooni and Heine! You're here, too?!