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  1. Skube

    Graphics card & Computer blabber for Em8er

    Looks great, I hope you have other drives for mass storage case all my games take up more than 1TB of storage
  2. Skube

    Graphics card & Computer blabber for Em8er

    The 980 Pro from Samsung is a superb drive! I'm not saying you'll upgrade in the next few months maybe in a year or two you'll decide to get a used RTX 3080 or RX 6800 XT or even a used RX 7800 XT which those require a 750W/850W PSU just saying upgrading then would be as easy as just swapping...
  3. Skube

    Graphics card & Computer blabber for Em8er

    This build is really good but you can see that the CPU already includes a cooler that is good enough if you don't overclock. So you can save some money by not getting an aftermarket cooler. I'd suggest getting a Gen4 NVMe drive but if you choose not to, make sure to put the one you have here in...
  4. Skube

    Help me Welcome the new Community Manager!

    Congratulations and Good Luck @Ronyn and @Faeryl with your new Positions, I am excited to see what's to come!
  5. Skube

    New Em-8er Build: Visual Overhaul! 7/7/2022 (Build v1.0 , v1.2, and v1.2.1)

    The new visuals look great I feel like I'm actually on a different planet. A few bugs I found: -The first time I got in I spawned in the ground -Deepstryking from a really high altitude may cause you to crash through the map -Deploying the T.H.M.P.R on an angle (Like if node is on an area...
  6. Skube

    Expedite game production pls

    Road Map, Builds every month!
  7. Skube

    Expedite game production pls

    Well there was no email and once again it's silent so I'm guess we get nothing this week too :/
  8. Skube

    Expedite game production pls

    Well there's no Chief Chat this week, and I guess we won't see the Road Map this week either :/
  9. Skube

    Expedite game production pls

    Quick update from Chief Chat, Road Map next week
  10. Skube

    Expedite game production pls

    So we got this, we having a Chief Chat this Thursday. Let's hope Grummz finally addresses stuff
  11. Skube

    Expedite game production pls

    "Getting us from where we are now to Kickstarter". Grummz has essentially admitted to running out of money and that he is unable to deliver on M3, now I don't think it's the case but it sets a terrible precedent moving forward cause if he couldn't deliver on M3 with 5 times the funding he asked...
  12. Skube

    Expedite game production pls

    Yep and we're less than a week away from when the "Bridge Funding" is supposed to launch which I've said I don't like and the more I thought about it the more I think that it's a REALLY BAD idea. So once again Grummz is silent, we don't know what we're doing and where we're heading cause if...
  13. Skube

    Network things

    The Pi Hole does remove ads on your whole home network: A VPN just tricks the site to think you're from somewhere else, so you'll just get irrelevant ads You can also use the Brave browser (I use it) it blocks all ads too.
  14. Skube

    Expedite game production pls

    I agree with everything you say and I'll add that: 1.The Home Demo while not essential to KS was supposed to be out over a year ago and we really didn't get an update on it since Ricardo completed his move. 2.The "We're shifting the Focus to Mecha" that was over a month ago has been said in the...
  15. Skube

    Cinematics in Em-8ER

    While I'd love story cinematics cause they do help the game as they make the world feel real and alive and serve as good marketing, good cinematics are expensive and I don't think we can have those at this stage but who knows. Some games with Good Cinematics in my opinion are Overwatch,Apex...
  16. Skube

    2000th Thread Celebration Thread

    Wooo this is the 2000th Thread on the Forums! And that's it lol, We've also crossed 35k members on the forums and almost half way to 36k Here's Crodus with a party hat
  17. Skube

    Video-Games You're Playing (Re-Start)

    God of War is a Fantastic Game, I'm super glad I bought it and 100% it
  18. Skube

    Why is no one in game??

    You missed out on M3 not the Kickstarter for the game itself, we still don't know when it's happening
  19. Skube


    It has more views than the one by the Mr Kitty himself
  20. Skube

    Experimental VOXEL terrain build feedback

    First bug: deepstryking from high enough you fall though the terrain and die If you dig deep enough the fogs start to obscure your vision and you eventually get stuck and you can't move You can Missile lock on Tsi-Hu that are far out of sight in another thumper encounter