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  1. Valaetoshiru

    1.3.3 bug in keybinds

    I tried to remap the keys but instead of changing the keybind, it seems to add to it. As you can see, backspace and delete do not erase the keybind.
  2. Valaetoshiru

    which demo?

    I see the "[LATEST] Voxel Terrain Build " but is that an actual gameplay demo? I loved the rift demo where we could actually play something. Are they planning on releasing another playable demo?
  3. Valaetoshiru

    How much longer?

    I know from past experience i just get shit in when I ask questions. So if I don't see a timeline with clearly expressed goals I'm moving on. My time is running out.
  4. Valaetoshiru

    Copa going away?

    I just saw the email. What does it mean "copa is going away"? Is that referring to the island in the demos? Is there any hint about what the new landscape will look like?
  5. Valaetoshiru

    Was there a chief chat today?

    I checked the news formum but I didn't see any recent post for today.
  6. Valaetoshiru

    The return of csr?

    I got an email from Em8er with the subject "the return of csr". I get that the email is about the new streaming schedule. But what does "csr" mean?
  7. Valaetoshiru

    New Unreal engine?

    I just watched parts of Grummz's stream on the new Unreal engine.. Does that mean we are going to see more land with different terrains in the upcoming demos?
  8. Valaetoshiru

    Ideas for Tsu-HI

    While I was playing today I was thinking about some things I'd like to see with regards to the TshHu. 1) Some Tsihu should be able to launch missiles similar to the shoulder missiles the medium frames have. It would make encounters a bit more challenging 2) later on when we start getting into...
  9. Valaetoshiru

    meaning of "Tsi Hu"

    Ok, I haven't read the lore.. but I went to google translate and entered "tsi hu" and the translation came back as "is not called". I take that to mean Not Chosen. xD Nice little easter egg.
  10. Valaetoshiru

    How to fix my keybindings?

    I was messing around with the keybinds. It seems that when you set a key it adds it to the list of keys for that binding. Well, I accidently set like 4 keys including my mouse buttons to Overthrust. But I don't see how to delete those key bindings. Is there an ini file or a config file that I...
  11. Valaetoshiru

    Streaming Em-8ER

    I streamed Em-8ER for about an hour today. I saved the video under highlights. I'm not a regular streamer so it's not perfect. I figure if I stream em8er regularly I should have a good amount of footage by the time KS rolls around. ;-) Cheers!
  12. Valaetoshiru

    off grid... literally. :D From up here it sort of reminds me of the Myst island. Maybe we could get some puzzles to solve. ;-)
  13. Valaetoshiru

    Adding dates to the My Downloads page?

    I was wondering if it was possible to add dates to the My Downloads page? Something like this:
  14. Valaetoshiru

    am I getting the yellow Flash heavy Frame?

    My subscription ends at "the end of billing period" with no way to buy this heavy frame skin and no way to extend the subscription so that I do. But I can't tell if I already have it or not. Is there some way to tell?
  15. Valaetoshiru

    New shooter scifi game for PC

    I stumbled onto this today. Looks interesting though I'd want to learn more about it before I buy it.
  16. Valaetoshiru

    PvE games?

    Considering the only games (besides retro/arcade) I've played over the last 10 years were Firefall and WoW, nothing on this list looks interesting. Maybe I'm not looking closely enough? What games should I take a closer look at?
  17. Valaetoshiru

    Next thing we need...

    I was just in the AI demo. Feels fun! I'm enjoying this. The TH AI is pretty good - they know when to shoot at me, when to grapple me, and they seem to know when I am kiting them. I like it! They remined me of the Beta Chosen patrols. I realize it's still just a demo but in the current state it...
  18. Valaetoshiru

    Why is no one in game??

    I just logged in and no one was playing. The enemies not only shoot back, but they chase you! This is almost feeling like a game I used to play. If only there was a base to hang out in and tiki torches to drop. :D
  19. Valaetoshiru

    Fish Bowl lens?

    I'm in the grapple demo now. It looks like I'm looking through a wide lens or something, and when I turn it feels like I'm looking through a fish bowl. I tried adjusting the FOV settings to zoom in or out but that just makes it worse - zooming in makes everything big and blurry, while zooming...
  20. Valaetoshiru

    I don't see any upgrades

    I received the email about the Python bike. I am really interested in supporting the game and was a founder of Firefall. I think I did all the upgrades to this account... anyways.. in the email I received it says "Visit and Upgrade Before Time Runs Out! Browse all the upgrades at...