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  1. zdoofop

    Heinesnow's Art is Awesome

    This is not so much a poll as it is a petition for Grummz to find a way to get his art in the game. For reference, some of his creations can be found at
  2. zdoofop

    Cinematics in Em-8ER

    we could make our own fan-made cinematic and see if they'll use it. What you guys say?
  3. zdoofop

    ideas for Idents/logo presentation

    technically we already have an ident, if you use the animated emotes from the discord server
  4. zdoofop

    Kaiju idea: Goldbacker Gobbo

    or make them non-sentient. Consider: Instead of Gobbo being able to portal at his leisure, we do something else. You see, we've mined so much time ore that it's doing more than releasing Tsi-Hu; It's creating rifts throughout the time-space continuum itself, portaling creatures from other...
  5. zdoofop

    Kaiju idea: Goldbacker Gobbo

    Yes, however the OP indicates clearly that we know about goldback goblins before Em8er.
  6. zdoofop

    Kaiju idea: Goldbacker Gobbo

    this is very elaborate. I like it. Also, there was no sentient life before the Tsi-Hu, so you're going to have to retool some of that.
  7. zdoofop

    Enviroment hazards and Benefits

    earthquakes could expose hidden resources
  8. zdoofop

    How graphic do we plan to go?

    +1 for violence slider
  9. zdoofop

    Unofficial Crossover Speculation Thread

    Xenoblade Edit: No, that's not huge enough.
  10. zdoofop

    Unofficial Crossover Speculation Thread

    Because I like to make trouble.
  11. zdoofop

    Experimental VOXEL terrain build feedback

    1. Building terrain around bases the same way we build bases to be walls/bunkers/etc 2. Grummz suggested cave encounters. Of course caves would have to have enemies of some sort. My ideas to add to this are that caves have a unique resource you can only find in a cave encounter, and that a...
  12. zdoofop

    Handedness and holding styles

    I think that depends on Unreal more than the Em-8ER devs.
  13. zdoofop

    request: ai that sounds like this

    I just thought of this, don't necessarily think I would use it myself but would be cool to have anyway
  14. zdoofop

    Names for the Knee biters

    poppers, because they "pop", as Grummz suggested
  15. zdoofop

    How much longer?

    Until we flatten the Tsi-Hu curve.
  16. zdoofop


    quite the opposite, the idea is to give bad players a way to lessen the cost of their frame repair by paying a small premium. If it's a guild perk, I agree that would make it easier on individual players, but what's supposed to happen is that bad players spend less CE/time repairing all their...
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    Someone posted this on Discord as a joke, but I thought it was a good enough idea to post here: Given the way that breaking/repairing works, you run into a sort of problem: What happens if you run out of resources and all your frames break? Sure, it's not likely, but you run into similar, more...
  19. zdoofop

    Regarding the Kaiju-Hunting Portals

    I don't know if this has been brought up already, but people have been asking about dungeons. What if, instead of just encountering a kaiju after entering a portal, you enter a sort of mini-dungeon guarded by tsi-hu and filled with caches, culminating in the kaiju as the final boss.